Monday, February 14, 2011

Once again

Its really inspiring to know that people you know are writing for newspapers and other publishing media.. Two years back i had thoughts on those lines too which well never really materialised. I was in the hurry to get back my lost career in the corporate world and then started juggling between work and a new born baby.. Now i think that life's a little more sturdy and I'm out again looking out for some fun.

The new society complex that we are part of is really a nice one and there are quite a few ladies with whom I've really hit off well with.. Though the concept of making new friends after collage/ your first job still seems a herculean task for me until your really lucky or okay that good, it doesn't really sadden me now.I think finally im mature enugh (Yes i see an important age threshold fast approaching me ) But I still do miss my old friends and gang a lot..

And taking my son in the evenings to the garden is really something i look up to towards of the end of the day.

Though this valentines day again my valentine is not around (as on most important days) i don't feel like cribbing or sulking.. There are positive vibes around.. and i so wnat to make them stay.
I have completed my collage - the pic from where i did it is attached and looking forward to framing it.
Also looking forward to writing at least once in a while on this less trodden path called " dreamgalz nest" :) I hope i get enough motivation.. Till then.. CIAO

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diyadear said...

Im so glad that the pic(my collage) has really been framed and is now on display in our study :)

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