Tuesday, January 2, 2007

2 weeks in US

As i enter into the 3rd week in Us of "A" , the feeling of settling in has sunk in.. i no more get up n stare saying "where am i??"
Now the alice in wonderland kinda feeling is withering away.. As reality looms up i realize the next phase of uncertainity..
As i look up at the blue blue sky above thinking abt almighty god, i think he is the best director ever.. of the best suspense thriller mystery stories.. not one or two but millions n millions of ppl in this universe live every second in the mystery called life, not knowing how the next reel is planned to be..
Being a software engineer i have had exposures to using differnt kids of logics to achive a task.. N when the past year put me into deep thoughts abt this mystery movie n its director, i started wondering how will he find time to write stories 4 each one of us???
Then i developed a software solution for it in my mind.. Supposing there was a management software for all our stories.. n the task of it was to weave stories or incidents for each one of us.. but wat would be the input parameters to it?? My mind had an answer to that too.. This software would also be monitoring us closely and anything we say or the places we go to anything cud be randomly chosen as an input.. and depending on that we get the next set of incidents..(this logic of randomly picking up questions is in practise for many online tests..)

Also i have a small explanation as to y my mind came up with this solution.. havent we come across feelings of "deja vu"?? or something we tell a friend that oh i wish so n so wud come or such a thing should happen.. n lo!! it does!!
i dont know about all.. but i sure have had such experiences..
Much thinking made me to conclude that my logic cud really work!! n there is a probability that ir is correct.. after much analysis i once told about this entire thought process to a close friend of mine.. But as expected he laughed at me n said i was being stupid... stupid as gals are always considered to be, i didnt take it to heart..
But this morning amidst my feelings of uncertainity this thought got triggerred n here i am blogging this to all of you.. i would be greatful if i could have ur piece of thought about this too. so do post in..


Ps said...

Life is not like an arithmatic problem--where you solve equations and get the right answer.I think it is a painting where you decide how to put the strokes--in what depth,what colours and what intensity.I loved your software way of thinking about "input-output-solution'approach.Novel.As regards ur friend who said your logic is stupid--well--he does not know what creativity is.I do think, your approach is very creative--and your friend is wrong.

diyadear said...

hey Ps, ur thoghts abt life as a painting is cool too. innovative.. n thanks for supporting me :)

X'mas fun in the Garden City