Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Kemah Boardwalk

Last weekend as showed the forecast as sunny, we planned a trip to the near-by places in houston..As i was most enthusiastic to go to any place,my husband being our guide n chauffer had to choose the place. Somehow the pick fell on a place called kemah boardwalk.

It was an hours drive from our place n it was twilight by the time we reached there..

It was a gala place with loads of sea food restaurants, liquor, boating, fun n activity.. Also were the "steve irwin's" notorious stingrays..

It was a pleasant atmosphere n also fun games n amusement rides..

Y say more.. let pictures do the talking.. But sadly, the pictures i captured being very high tech have captured the dew drops better ;)

N on the way to Kemah, these are a few pics i clicked from the car, of houston downtown..


Ps said...

Now I feel I've been to these places too!

Bob-kat said...

I've never been to Houston but the area seems like a varied place. Kemah Boardwlk sounds like a nice place to go to spend some time having fun.

diyadear said...

ps, i feel so gud i published this :)
bob, ya houston is a very nice place..
will give more info abt houston during coming weekends.. :)

Priya said...

Hi Divya,
I read all ur posts... good ones :)
keep posting...

diyadear said...

thanks a lot priya.. do keep reding too :)

X'mas fun in the Garden City