Saturday, January 6, 2007

Kids are Angels

As i sit jobless here, my mom in law n her cousin who lives a few blocks away with her daughter and family, volunteered to give me cooking lessons.. (Oh not the most interesting of my activities.. but i agreed as i thought it wud be fun n some activity afterall)

So we fixed up a day n went to that aunt's place. she was all set to make plum cake n her grandson a cute little boy of 8 was all enthusiastic about breaking the eggs and blending the dough.. we had become buddies after 2-3 visits and he cheerfully greeted me. Although he speaks to us in english he addresses me n my husband as mai n mamu in our native language..

So as he strated off breaking eggs, i stood by him helping him.(The other ladies were busy with the more important arrangements 4 our much awaited cake.Also this was the easiest task to choose from.he he!!) But as he was an ametuer,the dough kept splatterring n that too mostly on me.. blow my light blue tee. :-( he appologised n asked me to come n stand by the other side.. i promptly did so n we resumed our process of lovingly blending the cake(those are his words ;-)) but alas.. again the cake splattered n again on me.. he looked at me n said "mai, i'm sorry but i think its ur bad day!!"then after a while he said"No mai, i think the cake loves u, thats y its always coming to u!!"

now isnt that an optimistic approach?? comin from a boy of 8, it really sounded gr8 to i was moaning n whining about being bored and away from home n he was talkin about the half filled glass!!! u made my day little one.. this one is 4 u!!!


Ps said...

I agree--a nice way of looking at things.Kids sometimes teach you a lot.

siva Maranani said...

how did the cake go afterall..

diyadear said...

PS, im sure u have lots of such stories to tell :-)
siva, the cake was superb as our aunt is too gud a cook.

X'mas fun in the Garden City