Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Missing you

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The past two years when i worked in a corporate enterprise in india, forwarding e-mails was like part and parcel of the job.N i am sure somewhere durin that time i received this particular picture as we kept sending such things about missing our college lives.. But then forwarded mails were so ample in amount n kept bein tossed from mailbox to mailbox in bulk, that they hardly matterred much.
But today, once again when i found this picture from a person who sent this with a lot of emotion..I was deeply touched..
How true the words are -
Everyone now is busy a lot,
no one escaped destiny's plot.
How the very words which used to go into the trash after one glance conveyed so much today!!

This blog is a dedication to the friend who sent me this.I publish this picture here to let you know that i really am missing you a lot too.. This one picture brought back a lot of lost memories, realization of the times past, of the changes evolved.. But somewhere inside me the child still lives.The same old me, who laughed,chatted and played with buddies..careless and free..
Time and Tide wait for none
But my heart is forever young!!


Anonymous said...

hm mm...divya as a person is so much better than her bloggs :)..yes we miss her too

diyadear said...

hey anonymous reader..
Thanks 4 understanding me :)

Ps said...

Encore!I do agree.Time goes on--heart remains forever young.

X'mas fun in the Garden City