Monday, January 8, 2007

The Mobile generation

I remember, I remember the day when i got my phone...

I remember ,I remember the day when i bought my new phone!!

well well.. mobile phones are an essential part of each of our lives today.. we can hardly find any professional(even college kids) without one these days..

But what i wud like to share with all of u is the time when i got a mobile phone. i was in the final semester of college and after much pleading n coaxing my father had agreed that i cud have one.. then began a whole new era in my life.. It was the most priced possession for me.. with a hoard of offers for students from the network providers galore, it sure was party time.. free sms's.. free night calls, free calls to a chosen number..n wat not.. Thanks to airtel..wat more cud college gals ask for?? we at our hostel played enough pranks with it.. :-)

N after college i entered into the privileged life of a corporate employee and after a few months i bought the most expensive thing i had ever dreamt of buying..(yes I'm a very humble person u c.. ;)) - a new mobile phone.. After much market research and studies and also falling pray to the whims of a Sony biased friend of mine.. i went n purchased the Sony Ericsson's k500i :-)

As it was new n the keypads a little hard, my sms typing skills stooped down a little.. but with the continued practice i regained my crown as the sms queen :-)

it was like a living companion to me.. always being taken care of, looked if it was fully charged.. taken out from the purse every now n then.. n of course the exclusive means to connect with family n friends.. We used to feel handicapped without our mobile phones (this is the conclusion from our all gals talks back then.) And if u were waiting alone for a friend or at a bus stop, it became a habit to keep peering onto the screen of ur mobile phone.. even though u weren't actually doin anything.. Even my writing.. its like i was typing an sms..Thus we became inseparable, until recently when i decided to part ways with it..

Leaving my pet mobile under the care n guidance of my sweet mom, i bid adieu to it.. N now from the past 3 weeks im not in possession of a mobile phone.. but somehow it doesnt make me feel weird anymore.. Also instead of simply smsing on it or playing games on it, i ve actually started doing more useful things.. i dont say i didn't read those days.. but even when i did i used to pop my head out of the book n browse through my mobile every now n then,. in spite of knowing there was nothing in it.. I cud even hear the ring tone of my mobile ringing in my head even when it was not actually ringing..

so my dear friends, i wud say i am happy i had this break from mobiles.. mobiles are gud they are really useful n sometimes very essential to us.. but dont let them overtake u to such an extent that live human beings around u are being forgotten.. treasure the people around you, the mobile generation is here to stay so u can let it go..


imamaze said...

Wow.. Its pretty gud..Seems like you hav become a professional..

Keep up the bloggin spirit.. :)

diyadear said...

hey thanks bharath..Hope i get constant reading spirit from all of u too :-)

Bob-kat said...

Good point, well made. I never got that attached to mine, even when I used to work away from home it was simply a phone to me. Vital to stay in touch but no different to my land line (apart from being mobile!).

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Glad you liked my pics.

diyadear said...

Thanks bob. waiting to c more of ur photography :)

Ps said...

I have a relationship with my mobile too!!But most importantly it is because it helps me with my 'real' relationships.

diyadear said...

hey ps, hope u have my number stored in there on ur moblie ;)

Ps said...

I dont!!Please send--but i thought u dont have a mobile there!!I do have ur dad's though!!:-)

ranjit nair said...

ok pal..high time u check out on apple's new iPhone iPod..a revolution !

i bet tougher times ahead fr vasanth's bank balances !

Sun said...

Haan beta ab mobile ke baare mein yahi bolegi ..yaad kar woh din jab sms expert thi tu.


diyadear said...

cool find. thanks 4 the link..
stop chidaoing me ok.. :P he he

X'mas fun in the Garden City