New Lapuuuuuuuuu!!!

I am on cloud 9!!! guess wat i no longer need to encroach into vasanth's laptop to orkut or chat or read blogs online.. We got a new laptop!! hurray...
To all my readers, if any of u dropped into my site n found that i hadn't posted anything new, plz don't be disheartened(he he i feel so gud to be writing this line like i was the gr8 Agatha Christie!!)
It was only cos my husband was on a trip to LA, along with our laptop of course..But now my new exclusive laptop is here.. plz share with me my tremendous ecstasy n have a look at our latest addition into the family :)


Priya said…
hey Divya... Cheers on getting ne Laptop... ull be full time orkutting & blogging now i guess :)
diyadear said…
thanks priya.. lets c how it all goes :)
Ps said…
I felt the same way too when i got my laptop.It is indeed different from the old desk top, that I'd been using.Suddenly you feel "with it" if you know what I mean!!

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