Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Tex-Mex food..

I was standing amidst the long queue in front of the US consulate that early morning of december 1st.. My heart thumping, stomach jerking...I could feel goosebumps on my arms..But its not the winter..as im in chennai.. N chennai is hot n happenning!!!
My husband has left, imbibing in me all the courage n confidence he can, for me to face the interview.. But im scared.. This is goin to decide my future.. our future.. The year long wait did come to an end and we had been bonded in wedlock 4 days ago.. but the future was still a mystery..
I prayed on the names of all the hindu gods i cud remember.. i tried to look composed n calm.. am i not a software engineer afterall??? hadn't i faced ample number of interviews before?? But this one was different. After what seemed like ages i got to stand up in front of the lady who was to interview me.. i had been watching another pretty n sweet interviewer at the next counter and wished that i wud get to be interviewed by her.. but that hadn't been..N now here i was facing the ultimate..After the round of greetings she started..
"So y do u want to go to US??"
oh yeah this question was well prepared for "to accompany my husband who is working there.."
"N where in the US is he?"
"Oh so does he like the tex-mex food??"
"yeah"(by now i'm pretty cool n myself.. so i daringly add in wat i think wud be favourable to me"but he misses the home food.."
to which i hit the bulls-eye n the pretty pretty lady says "OOOOkkkay!! then go n cook 4 him.. i 've stamped ur visa..!!!"
phew... so i made it.. is this wat i had been painstaikingly waiting 4?? 2 minutes of interview??
however.. the tex-mex food n the idea it sparked in me was wonderful.. i kept appreciating myself 4 it..
N now here the nachos n tortilla's have truely become my favourites..
Check out the mexican tortillas(to be pronounced as totiya) n salsa with papaya..

the picture i promised ;)


Ps said...

I love tortillas too.And yes I'm coming tomorrow!!:-)

ranjit nair said...

oooh...so thts how u cracked the interview.. main bhi sochoon, how did diya get a US visa after all ... hehe..
hey buddy , btw go to technorati.com and register ur blog... tht wud help in ppl gettin to ur page.

ranjit nair said...

hey..and stop moderating blog comments boss, its so discouraging !

diyadear said...

ha ha ok ranji kunji.. will do as u say :)

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