Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wisdom for wives

When you marry him, Love him.
If he is honest, Honour him.
If he is generous, Appreciate him.
When he is sad, Cheer him.
When he is cross, Amuse him.
When he is talkative, Listen to him.
When he is quarrelsome, Ignore him.
If he is slothful, Spur him.
If he is noble,Praise him.
If he is jealous,Cure him.
If he cares not for pleasures,Coax him.
If he favours society, Accompany him.
If he does you a favour,Thank him.
When he deserves it, Kiss him.
Let him think how well you understand him.
But never let him know what you manage him.
This is a page from the diary of my father-in-law, dated December 1971.
He wrote it for my mother-in-law and I was given this, after my marriage.
I did not have the fortune to meet him as he passed away three years back. But this page, i feel is a gift from him which i will treasure for ever..


priya said...

Diya: You have such a sweet blog and thank you for sharing your thoughts in my page.

Will come back and read more later:))

diyadear said...

Thank U Priya..

sweta prabhu said...

hey.. thats very sweet. and u r teelin us (me) now!!! anyways keep it forever with u

Mr. J said...

Wooowww.. so you gonna pass it down to your DIL or Daughter?? :D

priya said...

Beautiful dedication out ther. Good for ya diya...

veena said...

hey.. those thoughts are really cool :) i think i will use them to manage my husband :)

Ps said...

Such meaningful words.More than that what a precious gift--a page from the diary written by him.I'm sure you cherish it.I too hold such memories and sentimental gifts very dear.(as you know) Thanks for sharing.

diyadear said...

sweta, sorry dear.. i issed it out in that busy schedule.. :D
Mr. J, Yes i hope to do so one day!! :)
Priya,Thanks a lot..
Veena, Gr8!!! im sure its gonna work wonderfully well .. do tell me the results ;)
Ps, Im glad and yes i know u well by now :)

ushaaa said...

so much meaningful words that i read it many times.u got the whole diary?in all sense u r MIL is great.

diyadear said...

not the whole diary.. i got only one page.. ya shes gr8!! just like u :)

Bob-kat said...

It is lovely that you have something so personal to treasure!

Little Miss Muffet said...

that is beautiful :)

Sibish said...

Cool lady...
that was seriously cute... :)

diyadear said...

Yes it truely precious.
sibi n miss muffet,
Thanks a lot :)

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