Friday, March 16, 2007


Recently i hapenned to visit a butterfly museum along with few friends n a bunch of kids.. As its spring break here, the museum was packed with kids..
After the initial struggle for parking , tickets n all we went in.. The National Historic Museum consisted of a museum for chemistry, the skeletons of dinosaurs,elephants etc., a moving section about the Roman Civilization, a gems n minerals display and the Butterfly Museum..

What attracted me most can be guessed from the name of this post namely, the butterflies..

First we were walked through the different stages of the life of a butterfly.. that is the egg, the caterpillar(or larva),the pupa and finally the adult butterfly.
The picture above shows the final 2 stages ie the pupa(green in color) and on the top layer an adult butterfly sprouting was a mesmerising view to c the butterfly freeing itself from the pupa stage n taking the form of a butterfly.. We were really lucky that we cud c a butterfly metamorphosis live.. However we couldn't capture a video for u from the beginning being awestruck.. n i got this after we realised n started the video shoot.

video bein processed.. pl wait.

Next we entered the butterfly world. A dome shaped Eco-system full of plans and greens n butterflies..

This particular butterfly attracted us a lot.. In flashes we cud c the bright blue wings dashing by.. But whenever we tried to capture it, it was nowhere in sight.. After a while of observation we realised it was this same butterfly (pic on left) that looked brown n not so attractive from outside which looked so attractive n colorful on the inside(pic on right)

How very true of the lines "Looks are deceptive!!" Isn't it??


priya said...

Beuatiful diya and its full of colors which bring happiness to anyone.

Good you had a wonderful trip made to watch this amazing colors.

Little Miss Muffet said...

those butterfly's wings sure do look pretty on the inside :) is ur DL learning going on? The big toughie is the parallel parking..

diyadear said...

hey priya,
yes the colors just make u feel so happy!!!
miss muffet,
ya they r very pretty..ya have to learn parallel parking..shud find a proper place to practise it.. :)

Radha said...

Beautiful pics....these creatures are tiny miracles of nature!

Bob-kat said...

How lucky you were to actually see a butterfly emerge from it's pupa! It sounds like you had a great trip to the museum and the butterfly dome sounds lovely. So many living jewels flying about, they are sooo pretty, even the brown ones :-)

Mr. J said...

Butterflies remind me of just one thing. The great Mohammed Ali. Float like a butterfly sting like a bee.

diyadear said...

radha, truely.. they r amazing..
B-K, yes even the brown ones r so amusing..
well stated Mr J..

Lotus Reads said...

Wow, what a great learning experience for you and the kids! I wish we had more museums of that nature here in Toronto. We do have a butterfly museum up in the Niagra region, but I don't recollect them having an exhibit on the different stages in the life of a butterfly. The video is really cool!

Loved this post, thanks!

Moi said...

Oh i love the blue of the last butterfly!!! these flitty creatures bring a smile on my face everytime i spot one!!! :)
thanx for stopping by my blog and leaving ur footprints behind......:)

MeMyself_n_I said...

the butterflies are beautiful!!! and the opportunity to see a butterfly emerge from it's coccoon, amazing!

diyadear said...

hey lotus, feels gr8 toknow that u liked it..Actually i wish i cud capture the video rt from the beginning!!!
moi, i loved the blue one too.. :)
me,myself..hope ur out of ur confusion..;) truely it was an amazing experience:)

MeMyself_n_I said...

well not really, but i've come to accept all the confusion. :-p

Keshi said...

I love butterflies...somehow I connect em with the soul.

Lovely pics!

yes looks r deceptive. I so know that now especially after my run-in with my cuz T in the weekend :)


diyadear said...

thats better..

Ps said...

Sometimes you meet people like that.Not so attractive from outside, but beautiful inside.
Butterflies use it as a camouflage to escape being preyed upon.
Maybe people too use it as a shield to avoid geeting hurt.
Cannot be light about butterflies--they always touch a nerve.

diyadear said...

PS, yes thats exactly my point.. external beauty is a mere pleasure to the eyes.

X'mas fun in the Garden City