Friday, April 20, 2007

Life After Death

One day, after you die, n may be after all the people who knew you die, will there be be even a trace that such a person as you ever walked on this earth?? To think you lived.. may be many years.. without even leaving behind a mark.. The thought doesn't seem very bright right??
what do u think about it??


Little Miss Muffet said...

i think that's why ppl have leave something of themselves behind..

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

Life and Death is always just between a line. We need to treasure that we're still alive.
have a great weekend.

Mr. J said...

Whoa.. what prompted this? Quite deep I say.

Well I guess at times, even the ones who get to leave their mark behind will be forgotten some point in time.

Many a times this thought comes to my head too.. but yet to find an answer to this.

diyadear said...

miss muffet,
ya kids r a way..but that 2 for a generation or 2..
true.. live each monet to the fullest.. you get the satisfaction..but the world doesnt get much from u..
Mr j,
well i can say some recent activities prompted me towards this post..ya may be thats the rule of nature.. to metamorphosise everythin without exception!!

tulipspeaks said...

a tough one, dearie.

may be after 3 generation (max), no one will think about me anymore. but will it make any difference to me then? NO. then why bother? :)


priya said...

Never thought about it. May be will never leave a mark coz after few generations, who will know or care isn't it. Unless you are a leader/ a gr8 inventor!!!!

StandbyMind said...

Well..I am gonna make a mark and guess there will be traces of few hearts atleast..not that I give a damn..but yes there would be....
:) it too Ironicl?

Hershey said...

well..when you die.
and when the ones who know you all die...its over..your existence disappears.
Granted, you can make your mark...but eventually it will be wiped out.

Gandhi made his mark right? everyone remembers him.
Know the name of the caveman who discovered fire?
Am sure he was pretty famous in his one knows him now... he is gone..over..finished.

It is nice to think of such questions...but to ponder over them is quite troublesome..believe me...I have been there.

There is no possible way to leave a mark behind...because one day..billions of years later..the sun is either gonna go boom and destroy the earth..or it die out and earth will become a frozen ball of ice..or the sun will be one giant vacuum cleaner(black hole) and suck the earth up.
Either way...whatever mark we leave, will be washed away..or disappear under the thicker marks made by future generations.

How to acknowledge your existence? Its not by leaving a mark. Its more of..your own experiences. You know that you lived through your life...the sum total of your experience so far makes you who you are.
if others fail to see this or forget it in the future, it shouldn't concern you because you remember them. Thats more than enough. Ofcourse am not saying that its bad to get hold of a giant marker and write your name down in history...everyone wants to do that.

But thats only for does not prove that you existed.

and well...if you want people to remember you that much in the future...bury some stuff in your, photoframes, empty containers..and write your name on them.
Centuries later, some historian will uncover them and consider them priceless artifacts, seeing your name etched on them, they will definitely consider it important...they may not know who you were..but your name will definitely be popular.

diyadear said...

cool.. just enjoy the present moment ;) thats a cool motto..
stand by mind,
yes it is ironical. thats my point too :)
thank u for ur wonderful analysis..
lol at the backyard digging part..n being famous is not my only point.. it cud be any change u made or teh trend u set but sumthing which wud satisfy u.. that yes i did leave my mark on earth.. i know its too complex.. but sumhow this thought is trapped in my mind..
anyways good to know all ur views abt this..

Radha said...

Your blog is going to live long after you're gone!! :)
On a more serious note - I believe every single one of us shapes the world around us & have made an impact on the world in lots of small ways. But whether the future generations recognize that? - may or may not!

Jeya Anand said...

Even if such marks remain , u(if u get reincarnated )wont be able to identify ur own life or soul or anything of ur previous life...
I know its getting complicated!!

Hershey said...

well...the best way to leave a kids..they would be a part of in some sense..a part of you will always remain on this planet...
and further generations ahead...someone like me shall be born who goes all the way to check out his family history...I traced mine back to my great(x6) grandfather..

so are another way to leave your mark in history.
now go scare your hubby.

Bob-kat said...

I think it depends what you are remembered for really. I really wouldn't want to be remembered for something really stupid or bad!

TS said...

The question is not whether other PEOPLE will remember us, or cherish what we gave to the world once we pass on... the question is if we die tomorrow, will WE be able to be at peace with the time we spent n earth.

diyadear said...

that was so sweet of u.. yes i too did think so.. may be unless google decides to dump me in trash..

thanks for dropping in.. i cant think straight abt my single life leave alone reincarnation n multiples life..:D
that sure is a very convincing point boy!!!i better don't try scaring him lest he runs away n i cant take ur advice.. he he
exactly..memories do live a long life...n it better be fond ones:)

yes thats another question.. so many questions but so few answers..:( really life is short.. there s a lot to be done..

Devil Mood said...

I think there won't be a trace of me, probably not...unless I write a book or do something more meaningful, but to be honest...I'm not really bothered about that. I'm merely human and we all day - most of us cannot expect to be remembered by the next generations.

Moi said...

i guess i am fine with it...... as long as i make a mark during my living years, i guess death in anonymity is fine with moi ...:)

Ps said...

The ones who truly care will remember you whether you made a mark in the eyes of the world or not.
The others?Well, they dont matter.

Maddy said...

i was going to make the same wisecrack - your blog will remain -or at least the written word. If you look back, that is one of the few good things the English taught us - the value of the written word.

Payal said...

Wonderful thought and wonderful suggestions.
Yes you ppl are correct.
Sometimes your work of impression and good deed remain last forever.
Good luck divya

diyadear said...

devil mood,
writing a book is a gud option.. guess our blogs will be gud enuf too :) n as u say y bother whether we r remembered or not.. just live life to fullest..
cool thought.. i am with u too..
ur ans was really so clear n confident..superb..:)
very true.. they really were a boon to us that way..

Keshi said...

in a couple of years we will all be forgotten. it's nature. nothing can help that.


Bharath said...

U r blogspot will still remain ;)

Lotus Reads said...

To start with, that's a great picture, Diya. And yes, I do sometimes think about my legacy (such an important word for an unimportant, person, lol), but I think you raised a very valid point. When I read obituaries, I always think, what will my kids and friends write about me? I sure would like to give them something to write about and talk about when I am gone, so I guess it's time to take action while I can!

Nice post, made me think.

diyadear said...

yes change is natures law...
yes i hope so too :)
u hit bulls eye.. similar was my line of thought too which led me to write this post..

Tapak said...

I dont believe in re-birth or will be able to look back when you die.

Just live your life and do whatever makes you happy.

I read the book success built to last . It tells about the great leaders who made a difference in this world by doing something they were passionate about and not by doing something to become a leader.

. But I felt this book was very good. You should check it out.

Carmi said...

That's a big, important and very well thought out question. This is why I write: because I want to leave a legacy that lives beyond me, that influences people - whoever they are - even though they may never have met me.

Hopefully, I'll have a lot of years left to ponder this issue. Thanks for raising it.

I'm so glad I found your site!

Nabeel said...

sure why not? It all depends on the person .. hence it is said over and over again that do something worth while with your life, do something that people can remember you buy. History is full of such people ..

Shijaz Abdulla said...

"I am the seed ground. I am a prairie that will stand for much plowing.

Terrible storms pass over me. I forget. The best of me is sucked out and wasted. I forget.

Everything but Death comes to me and makes me work and give up what I have. And I forget.

Sometimes I growl, shake myself and spatter a few red drops for history to remember. Then--I forget."

Carl Sandburg

diyadear said...

ur passions can take u a long long way..
ud to hear from u.. may u live ur legacy to the fullest :)
glad that ur thoughts match mine :)
marvellous lines.. thanks for sharing..

X'mas fun in the Garden City