Monday, April 16, 2007

Stepping stone

Phew.. wat a hectic weekend it has been.. I won't be exaggerating if i said it has been the most hectic weekend in my life... But it was gr8 fun too.. I met my best friend from school who came from Alabama, along with her husband to meet us.. It was some gr8 catching up with old times n a gr8 sadya (traditional feast on plantain leaf) on account of the mallu new year Vishu. But pity she had to leave on the same day, n it all ended soo soon..

The piercing, ear-wrecking beep of the alarm never troubled me too much as i have imbibed in me the talent to swiftly snooze/off it n turn around n get another hour or 2 of sleep.. However today was a very important day in the history of my life..We had to rush n be in line if i were to take my driving test today... i did do some practise the previous week n my parallel parking was surely exemplary..Though i am used to driving coolly on the known roads when it comes to unknown ones some nervous daemon leaps out.. N even though the instructor took me half way through my known road, sum thing didn't impress her.. This is not as an excuse but she too didn't seem very sweet or nice to me, for she didn't even have the politeness to answer back to my good morning greeting..

N the comments after the test on my sheet said i stopped ahead of the stop sign, i needed practise n that i was slow.. well for the stop sign, yes after coming from a college were our motto was"rules r meant to be broken" it will be a little tough for me to stick to all rules here.. As for more practise yes, i am still confused abt which one is the main road n which is the entrance to some building/parking lot.. Guess i will also need time to shift bet the right n left hand driving methods.. My instincts take me to the right hand driving methods back in India..

Well i know its no use feeling frustrated cos i didn't do exceptionally well or anything.. But guess after waiting from 5-8.30 after my most hectic weekend, she cud ve been more considerate n polite at least.. well yes some ppl can make ur day bad for u..N i need to make this the stepping stone towards success..

So not wanting the stone hearted instructor to steal away the niche of this post, let me tell u abt my happy weekend.. the most exciting things of all was the international gem show here in Houston..It was a twinkling experience.. N mere sight made u feel happy..(i dunno if u find it weird..but thats me..) even though i hadn't planned to buy anything it came as a pleasant surprise when my mother in law gifted me a coral necklace.. (in pic)

There were ivory carvings, diamonds,stones, gems, semi-precious stones.. anything which wud delight a woman.. surely an exhibition worth visiting...

To locate the show nearest to ur place click here.

Thats all from me abt stones at the moment..Bbye..


tulipspeaks said...

i hads great weekend. it was new year nah? :))))



Keshi said...

It must be hard for u to be driving on the Right-side of tge road after having driven on the Left-side. I often wonder how I'd cope if Im to drive in the US.

All the best dear!

diyadear said...

hey ammu,
happy new yr to ya..

ya i am havin a tough time.. :( i will really need the best..thank u..

Radha said...

Happy belated Vishu & gosh, thats a lovely piece of jewellery!!

Little Miss Muffet said...

that's some nice jewellery :) so i'm guessing u didn't pass the test? don't worry too much.. a tip- if u know other ppl who have a tough time too getting a DL at that particular office, try another one... i remember my instructor asked me to go to a smaller place and said it's easier to get it at that one..

diyadear said...

same to u..
im heart broken to say that this one was supposed to be an easy office.. booo boo but that was 2 yrs bak.. Now with that tight lipped, khadoos officer arnd, may be i'll try some other place..

Bob-kat said...

That jewellery looks lovely but I bet it looks even better when worn.

I know what you mean about rude people spoiling your day. I hate it when people are impolite too!

Protegeoflife said...

hey thanx for ur lovely comment and gr88 post can i have one of real stone plss

Sharad Mathur said...

always remember the better happenings of yr life and try to forget the bad ones. i know its difficult, but then ur the only one who can keep yrself all the time.
i dunno if i said this out of the topic..


diyadear said...

ya that was my bad day...
r u coming over to collect it or shud i parcel it??;)
thanks for visiting.. ya u need to live with happier memories..:)

Radha said...

I guess driving test examiners all over the world are paid to be khadoos :)
All the ones in Dubai are just as bad!! :)

Hershey said...

Its a bit too late for me right now...3am to be I will definitely read this tomm...liked that poster..failure is an event..never a person.

Maddy said...

dontcha worry about the driving test - it was the same when i went to Uk two years ago - even after 20 years of driving experience, i had to take the exam twice...but that is a long story...

remember robert bruce when in trouble!!

priya said...

You will be alright girl:))

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Diya!

I LOVE hectic weekends!!! How nice you had friends quite like school friends are there? :)

Recently, I, too, met up (virtually) with a school friend who now lives in Australia. She put me in touch with a number of other school friends who also live "down under" and I feel so lucky because I suddenly have a whole group of old new friends! :)

Sorry about what happened with the driver's license, I'm sure you'll be lucky the next time round. I know how frustrating it can be...

diyadear said...

ya i've heard its very difficult in dubai too.. :(
harshal, will await u.. n thanks to you i ve attempted to shed my sms style language :)(i just changed back u to you he he)
im all ears to long stories:) if u have time to tell me ie..
surely hope so..
i believe ppl down below r us poor ppl in US;) gr8 that u ve friends.. u can come over..

Ps said...

Lovely coral necklace.
funny--stone hearted instructor--and coral necklace in the same post. :-) Couldnt help smiling at the contrast.

Ps said...

And good luck with the driving test.Am certain you'll clear it.

diyadear said...

ps, yes it was a contrast.. glad u noticed.. n ya.. hope i'll clear in my next attempt..

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