Sunday, February 20, 2011

waiting for spring..

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I remember the 9 months of courtship when my status message read "waiting for spring" It was indeed winter when i first put up this status message.. but the spring which arrived in august could not help me change my tag line.. For my fiance vasant (spring) was the one i was waiting for and he arrived only in november..

Those 9 months passed by in a jiffy.. I had friends and fun and frolic to keep me counting..But this time when i say waiting for spring.. the whole month just seems to be spreading onto eternity.. With a whole house , a toddler and a mother in law to keep me going.. i sure can rightfully say the going does get tough..

So this time when spring comes back and thankfully he is landing tomorrow, i'm making him swear not to go again to our long lost US for many many months to come atleast ;) And as a mother of a two year old cute cuddly boy, the best way to get things my way is to just let my cutie pie repeat the lines for me ;) Now isnt that a smart way :)

While talking about waiting and all that i feel like putting up one of my favourite songs by green day "Wake me up when september ends"



diyadear said...

spring is back but im still waiting for some comments on my posts :) lol

diyadear said...

yet again life gives e a chnace to wait for september :)

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