Friday, July 1, 2011

Random Thoughts

I just came here to pen down some thoughts -

1. People of my wavelength are mostly un glamorously and dont have a very good reputataion in the society ;)

2. I try hard to believe the story that we will be one happy family if we relocate elsewhere, abroad may be.

3. US of course has the happiest memories after marriage even though we did face the most traumatising moments also there.

4.Bipolar disorder is not curable. And i like hallucinating..

5.However highly people recomment me to IBM, i still have glimpses of the gate crashing scene for interview embeded as the emblem of IBM and im not coming back tehre unless u pay me like in 8 digits may be??

6.June /July is a nice time to romance and go around.. unless of course u do not have the entire bandwagon to carry with you.

7.GOA is another place with happy memories and i need to go back there for a longer duration.

8.Its a pity most of my guy friends end up having a crush on me.. I hate losing out on good friends and it becomes awkware later on.

9.I had a day dream that one of my close friends who died few years back gave me a call from someplace.. And he keeps calling me.. Spooky isnt it..

10. Im happy i am writing this post without thinking about what to write and which relative of mine may read this.. I dont give a F&&&.


Cocktail Party said...

All ur guy friends have a crush on u?? Going by ur posts, I feel that ur married with a baby! And in our country a married woman, and that too a mother, is not considered very desirable. So dont u think its flattering that guys still find u attractive? So u must be a hottie, eh??

Aswin said...

ha ha ha :) didn't know that u were active in the blogosphere again.. :)keep writing :)

diyadear said...

ccocktail party : thanks for writing in..
Well these r the guy frioends i used to have when i was single..
Friends after a baby and all is such a rarity.. atleast for me ;)

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