Friday, August 3, 2007

puppet show

Yesterday i removed all the pictures i had put into orkut a socialising site from my profile and was subject to questions from many. one of my friend's asked me if i was scared about all the talks on photos being misused from the net. i said no, i wasn't scared of anyone or anything but God. I am really scared wat god has in store for us.. It is like a huge puppet show..
we can be hurt, sad, happy or wat not,but the show must go on.. the world just moves on..suddenly the puppet whom u were dancing beside is no more there.. The one who was holding ur hands has rage in his eyes for u.. You are such a dumb head.. don't even know wats going on.. but still u dance, sing and move on..
I keep thinking of the day when the curtain will fall and i will meet the big director.. wouldn't i have many questions to ask him.. oh yes i will.. but i only hope i wont be muted once i step out of the big dias..
extremist ideas are a pain to my brain.. one moment i feel god is a sadist but the other i feel the devil is putting such ideas into my head n in real god must be working real hard to take care of all his children.. the devil is the one who brings destruction and god is working overtime to mend and tend us..
aren't my ideas extremists?? well yes an overload of free time and stress.. i know i may sound crazy, but a lot of things are happening out here.. i dont think i can share it all on this blog but plz do pray for us.. i wish i cud go just go home , back to India.. sigh..
enjoy the puppet show readers!!!


StandbyMind said...

Hi Diya!

This was something icould really feel..I mean it has been written all from the heart!

I shall pray..I will in a few mins befo I go to sleep..

Alls gonna be fine


KAYLEE said...


Little Miss Muffet said...

hey chill girlie!! stress is no good in solving chill, take a nice long walk, eat some yummy icecream and smile :)

Aswin said...

aren't we all puppets in this world. i think i can understand you cos i have been through some of the things ya mentioned. but take a chill pill and relax. :)

J said...

Hmmm... Times like these, I remind myself of a song If you're going through hell
Keep on going, don't slow down
If you're scared, don't show it
You might get out
Before the devil even knows you're there

Keep the faith.

Nanditha Prabhu said...

hey ! come on just relax....nothing is the same always...
pray i will for sure!

Devil Mood said...

Yes, they are a little extremist!
You got me thinking about what I would say to the director and creator if we were to meet. I never thought of that before. I don't think there was anything I wanted to ask, mainly because there are no questions that can explore all the mysteries of the Universe at once...Or maybe because I want things to be a mystery still, forever...

diyadear said...

aman, yes indeed, if only words cud help.. i will be grateful if u did pray..
how r u doing dear??
this time around i dont think icecream will do the trick. :(
oh yes we all r mere puppets thats my exact point..
tell me a song to keep devil out of ur heaven.. yeah keeping the faith buddy..
oh ya nothign is the same.. now it wont be ever.. thanks for ur prayers..
DM,good for u.. ur at peace..

KAYLEE said...

I am doing great thanks for asking.

tulipspeaks said...

a thoughtfull post. i tend to ask the same question to myself - is He a sadist? i haven't found an answer, dear.


Ps said...

Memeories we create today see us through tomorrow.
Noone has seen tomorrow--but today well lived can make every tomorrow that much better.
Hugs.Hope the clouds(if any) pass soon.

veena said...

Hi Diya..

Quite a scary post :(. Anyways my prayers are there with you..

Keshi said...

aww Diya wut happened? I felt just like u and posted something like this a while back. abt us being puppets on strings...

but why r u scared? wut r u scared of? If God created us and He's running this show, then we dun hv to be scared of anything...cos He knows whats best for us and it's not in out hands anyways...

MWAHHHHHHHHH enjoy today, for tomorrow may not come.


MeMyself_n_I said...

hey do cheer up. i've got so used to the upbeat diya that this kind of a post really shook me up. take care. :-)

Bob-kat said...

It can feel like we are puppets sometimes can't it? I hope things become better for you very soon [hugs]. Try to find a calm place, either witin yourself in a good emmory or even for real, like a nice garden somewhere.

Adi Crazy said...

Too good.

MeMyself_n_I said...

oh by the way, you've been tagged!

diyadear said...

nice to know that..
sigh.. guess the answer remains to be discovered..
that was a nice msg.. thanks:)
veena, oops didnt mean to scare u :P
yes keshi dear..
today i undertsand wat u say is right.. just let go n leave it all to him. thats wat im doing now
yes im all cheery now.. will come n take up ur tag soon :)
yeah i did find solace :)
thanks for dropping by

akanksha said...

Hey...This is something i can relate to.Lifes not perfect,and i hope all will be well soon.Tk Cr dear.

Radha said...

Hey, havent been on ur blog for a while (was busy with all the moving)...but I just noticed this post...and couldnt help being worried for you...Is everything ok?

Cris said...

I cancelled my account long time ago there...

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