Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The girl child

She is the apple of my eye the love of my life

chattering away like a parrot, the gleam of every eye..

The house feels all empty and barren like a desert

when she is not around to squeal in pure jeer..

She has all the freedom to pull even grandpas hair

The granny promises that the golden rose she will get to wear..

She is like a little princess till the time has flown

Once she finishes school she knows the terrible adult pain

when everyone around her just wants her married and off

she starts doubting that was this true love at all?

She feels like a guinea pig who was adorned for the D day

When she has to be showcased in front of anyone they say

After the bitterness settles she  knows this is the true world

with tears and dreams crushed inside she agrees to tie the knot

Ambition, dreams and wings all come perishing down..

why do u love the girl child if you dont make her ur own?? 

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