Tuesday, November 21, 2017

tipu's summer palace and lal bagh

Tipu's summer palace looked small for a palace and also it was too open with no covered bedroom or any rooms.. had it been destroyed?? or was it meant to be like this.

On second thoughts it made sense... it is summer palace after all.. And we have seen in Bollywood movies how the palaces are always adorned with lots and lots of curtains of all the various royal colors and then like a dream sequence when the wind blows and the chandeliers dance from between the curtains the king and queens romance!!

Lal bagh.. well it has lot and lots of trees spread across 240 acres right in the heart of namma Bangaluru.. And a huge huge lake. The black bamboo, the silk bark tree, the elephant apple, ganesha tree well must say - I didn't know it had so much to offer. The glass palace and fountains are a beauty too. Instead of trying to describe it to you here is a short video.. Enjoy.

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