Monday, January 22, 2007

An Affair to REMEMBER

She was the happiest girl on earth.. She was going to meet the man of her dreams in a short while..Terry McKay (Deborah Kerr) was just minutes away from her destination when she falls prey to fate, meeting with a fatal accident..
Related to their most romantic rendezvous on top of the Empire state building is the dialogue in which Kerr says"It was no ones fault. I was looking up at heaven, because you were standing there! Oh, Nicky, if you can learn to paint, I can learn to walk again!" corny lines aren't they?? wat do u say?? Had it been last year diya wouldn't have agreed more..
She would have discarded it saying "Ah!! it can happen only in films.."
But as the Universal Story weaving machine works (see my previous post 2 weeks in US) may be the gr8 movie director of all times namely God decided to teach her a lesson..
A week before she was to meet her Nicky Ferrante, she too falls prey to a bike accident n lands up in hospital with a couple of broken bones n joints.. leaving the surgery n other misery parts, her life also was a bunch of corny lines after that.. confused?? read on...
Thanks to the director who scripted her story, she didn't have to wait for ages for Nicky to drop into her apartment one day.. Instead,on the very day of her engagement.. Under the direction of all her family, friends n well-wishers, Nicky Ferrante gave her the ring in the hospital room...That became the most astounding, awesome, unbelievable surprise of her life!!!
Truly An affair to remember!! Everyone said"Oh how romantic.. just like a film story!!"
But diya no more uses the line "Äh!! it can happen only in films.." :)


Ps said...

Life takes the strangest turns.In fact we,especially my dad were all very happy for you,that the 'engagement ceremony'took place in the hospital rooms.See--happy endings do happen in real life too.

diyadear said...

yes dear.. i do believe it now :)

Bob-kat said...

So the things that can happen in films really do happen in real life too? How romantic for you. And a happy ending too. I like films with happy endings :-)

diyadear said...

yes bob.. hard to believe.. but experience makes me beileve so :)
thank u..

Hershey said...

you wrote my name wrong, its harshal. or hershey..heh..i wonder why everyone gets it wrong..
ofcourse life can resemble movies lots of times... depends on your luck.
Either ways, that was a good movie, an even better one would be gone with the wind.
Chalo, happy for have someone for valentines... I am going now to continue my search..ttyl

diyadear said...

harshal, sorry.. have corrected it :) did start readin gone with the wind.. but havent seen the movie yet

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