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A Terrific AD

A great ad - Ironically from a non Indian company!!
And nonetheless this ad won the EPICA awards for best ad..

A tribute to Gandhiji- truely inspiring.. (To view click here)

Adopt a plant

Little Sadhana (my 6 yr old friend*)is very happy.. she is getting a baby sister this Thursday.. She is thrilled at the concept of baby-sitting her sister and so very excited about it.. I have learnt a lot from her.. She has introduced me to her world of Disney, pbskids, nick and more.. I must say these sites r really amusing and the games are quite entertaining... i do have a lot of fun on these sites.. She is a very sweet child and ever willing to help her mom/me with the household chores of cooking and cleaning..Charming n smart, she is my favourite accomplice.One of the recent incidents she handled smartly is, when after dinner she was served dessert n she asked for a second helping. Her mom hinted that she shouldn't waste it.. however half way through little Sadhana got fed up n noticed that her mom was yet to take the dessert.. She quickly commented.. "mom, u needn't trouble urself to fetch the dessert.. i can share mine with u.." how sweet rt?? But the naughty l…

Life After Death

One day, after you die, n may be after all the people who knew you die, will there be be even a trace that such a person as you ever walked on this earth?? To think you lived.. may be many years.. without even leaving behind a mark.. The thought doesn't seem very bright right?? what do u think about it??

Stepping stone

Phew.. wat a hectic weekend it has been.. I won't be exaggerating if i said it has been the most hectic weekend in my life... But it was gr8 fun too.. I met my best friend from school who came from Alabama, along with her husband to meet us.. It was some gr8 catching up with old times n a gr8 sadya (traditional feast on plantain leaf) on account of the mallu new year Vishu. But pity she had to leave on the same day, n it all ended soo soon..

The piercing, ear-wrecking beep of the alarm never troubled me too much as i have imbibed in me the talent to swiftly snooze/off it n turn around n get another hour or 2 of sleep.. However today was a very important day in the history of my life..We had to rush n be in line if i were to take my driving test today... i did do some practise the previous week n my parallel parking was surely exemplary..Though i am used to driving coolly on the known roads when it comes to unknown ones some nervous daemon leaps out.. N even though the instructor t…


It has been a long time now since i wanted to c this movie..N at last my desire was fulfilled yesterday when i watched it with my husband..
Though it was not all that magical, i loved the movie.. It is very realistic n the characters r all simply adorable...The surprise twist in the end really reminded me of another Hindi movie..The song "As time goes by" is splendid and Humphrey Bugart as a saloon owner is very charming..
To classic lovers, I wud say a must see.. It makes you think, think about war times, the black and white era, and much more..N more so for the lyrics of the song.. They kept me pondering...

[This day and age we're living in
Gives cause for apprehension
With speed and new invention
And things like fourth dimension.

Yet we get a trifle weary
With Mr. Einstein's theory.
So we must get down to earth at times
Relax relieve the tension

And no matter what the progress
Or what may yet be proved
The simple facts of life are such They cannot be removed.]

You must remembe…

Summer Tag

hey guys,
Forgot 2 put the customary ending lines to my previous post..That is abt the tagging part!!
I'd be glad if all of u who liked it n wud like to write abt their favourites in summer take up the tag.. do let me know n I'll be happy to read.. :) some ppl i wud really like to take up the tag are :-
Miss Muffet
Lotus reads
Mr J
Have a gr8 weekend!! happy Easter...

The Summer Tag!!

When temperatures roared to a scale of 86F, n just as we started mentioning the summer,lo! I get tagged by Priya..I am to write the 8 things i enjoy doing in summer..

Let me start with the summers when I was at school and like any kid, the Summer holidays were much rejoiced!!
In whichever part of the country we were, during summer, we wud be back to our home state kerala entitled "God's own country". It was fun to be at my grandparents place..I am the first born to my mom, she to her dad n he to his parents.. so in this case, i was the only one in my generation for quite a while there.. N that did the wonder.. I cud bask in the warmth of the love n care of my grandparents,my mom's 4 siblings, her uncles, aunts n cousins who were in school or college at the time. They called me "diya kutti"(diya baby :)) and thus pampered me a lot..I know i still hold that special place in their hearts.N later as the family extended, the fun was in the merriness n togetherness…