Monday, June 11, 2007

weekend @ the gardens

After having bored you all with more n more of "glimpses of me" finally i am able to tell u more about the city we have moved to.. Last weekend we did some exploring other the grocery shops that is ;). we went to the Dallas arboretum and botanical gardens.. As we thought it would be only a matter of 2-3 hours we started out in the afternoon.. However the gardens spanning over a stretch of 66 acres were vast and welcoming.. The sun was in full glory and we had a tough time staying away from the lula mae cool drink cafe.. The arboretum is colourful year round and there are ground breaking research activities happening there..

The whole area has been sub divided into smaller sections called A Woman's Garden, DeGolyer Gardens,Jonsson Color Garden, Lay Ornamental Garden,Boswell Family Garden ,McCasland Sunken Garden, Paseo de Flores,The Palmer Fern Dell etc..

The Paseo de Flores was one of the best and loomed out in all its glorious beauty.. Though the summer was kind of discouraging, i was happy we went to the gardens..It was really soothing n the colorful flowers were pleasant and serene.. There were many visitors as it was a weekend and also were there weddings!! not one but atleast 3-4.In different spots we saw the Dias being set n the brides, grooms n all the people looked so elegant n charming.. It was the first time i was witnessing an American wedding.N must say it looked just like in the movies.. I ve always loved the long flowing brides gown n it was a joy to watch.. n i cud hear one of the little gals(who puts flowers on the brides path) saying "Its so difficult to keep smiling all the time!!!" ha ha..

Also was there an ancient home, a master piece in Mexican architecture, in the middle of the arboretum, now converted into a cafe.. There r tours to the house every hour but sadly we missed the last one for the day..but V is so much enchanted with that house that we sure will go back one more time, me for the garden n he for the house :)
Thats the picture of the house from the exterior..
Also there were trams available which took you from one end of the garden to the other.Of course it is a must in such huge place..
well maintained and beautiful, this is surely one place worth visiting in Dallas :)


Maddy said...

well, so dallas does have more than JFK to talk about, eh? looks like a great city

Keshi said...

why is it that every time I go to the Gardens there is some wedding happening..:) it happened to me last time too - I was ar the Auckland Botanical Gardens.

Lovely pics Diya!


Radha said...

Beautiful pics Diya!

Little Miss Muffet said...

i'm sad i never went there in the 6 mths i stayed in plano :( there's this place u should visit in dallas's got a fountain (the type which spouts in patterns) and it's a quiet and romantic place with pretty flowers all round...i don't know the name of the place though...

Devil Mood said...

Not bored with glimpses of you!
I don't know much about Dallas but that's not how I imagined it (more tall buildings and gray things) Beautiful flowers. :)

Ps said...

Wow! 66 acres of garden..lovely picture of flowers.stared at it.

diyadear said...

yes i think there is more to it.. just started exploring :)
oh thats cool. mine was the first exp..with the weddings i mean..
thank u..
isn't plano beautiful.. i loved it..
bad prejudice he he.. well lets c how dallas turns out to be.. i will keep updating u :)
yeah everything is texan style ;) huge n wide..

Bob-kat said...

That sounds like such a lovely place just to wander around and get lost in! Lovely!

diyadear said...

yes indeed. i saw many a gals roam arnd alone with cameras in hand..n i got reminded of u :)

Lotus Reads said...

What a wonderful outing Diya! I, too, want to visit the parks and gardens, camera in tow, so I can get some good pictures. I love seeing brides, we live fairly close to a Catholic Church and every Saturday there are atleast 2 weddings and it always such a pleasure to see the bride and her wedding brings so much joy to my weekend!

Thank you for sharing your pictures!!!

diyadear said...

some 6-7 yrs back we too lived close to a church n every sunday we saw brides n grooms n yes it is a pleasant sight :)

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