Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A very Long Engagement

After watching amelie, i became enchanted by audrey tautou. And i was happy to get "a very long engagement" on mail, in which she plays an even more powerful character..
i have been wanting to write the review of this movie for the past 2 weeks.. However somehow the time/mood compatibility seems to have favoured only now.. I fear i lost the vehement desire n freshness of the noble thought now :( but still i'll try..

Crippled with polio n living in war timesmatilda,the heroine of this simple love story has much more in depth to express than i first expected.. The movie really takes one on a treasure hunt and the feeling of adventure and mystery are sure to accompany you till the end..with not one boring scene/reel i felt a sense of achievement after watching this movie.. each character is carefully interwoven and its fabulous how the plot unfolds.. some of the war scenes might be disturbing though..A very true to life and touching movie, which has truly captured the pain, the fear and hopes of soldiers and their loved ones.There is a subtle tinge of humour and excellent cinematography and direction are a sure plus..truly enjoyable was also the background score, costumes and effects.

Though it was a bit difficult to keep reading the subtitles mind you, as i am yet to be accustomed to watching foreign films i enjoyed the movie a lot, ..must say i am completely knocked down by audrey.. first it was audrey hepburn.. now audrey tautou.. may be if i have a daughter, u can guess wat i may name her ;) provided i am not that impressed by sumone else by then.. lol

Another movie which got hooked into me was "The hours".The entire movie revolves on a book "Mrs dalloway".. how the book takes over the life of 3 women, living in 3 different cities at 3 different periods.. there was a lot hidden and unsure about the 3 women.. though a little clarity is presented towards the end, it is is about their whole lifes in 1 day, the day their fates become clear.. As is said in the movie "A woman's whole life in a single day. Just one day. And in that day her whole life. "

The dialogues are excellent.. It ranges over a wide spectrum and the story tells us abt so many things in so many feels you are reading a book.. There is so much scope for imagination. n yet in the end, it remains a simple story abt a woman who wrote a book in 1923in England, a women who read it in 1951 in LA and yet another modern day woman who seemed to be living it in 2001 in NY city.

somehow it seems inexplicable to me.. but it sure was a pleasure to analyse the movie.. nicole kidman won the oscar for playing the English writer n must say she has successfully portrayed a battered kind of a schizophrenic woman, concealing her glamour and her strikingly different nose. julianne moore is pretty in the 50's costume and meryl streep who im sure u all will agree as a versatile actress, has done a fair job in this movie as well.
i had fun imagining the possible links between the 3 stories till the end.. wuldn't want to spoil the surprise for any of you.. based on Michael Cunningham's 1999 Pulitzer Prize winning Novel"The Hours." ,this movie can be enjoyed by drama lovers :)


Keshi said...

havent seen it..altho I've seen Amelie - only bits of it.

Good review Diya n tnxxx!


chronicwriter said...

gud one, movie critic!!!
drop down to my blog sometime

Radha said...

I loved her in Amelie too!
I've been keen on watching The Hours, but just havent gotten around to it.

MeMyself_n_I said...

hmm i've heard rave reviews about amelie. and yeah, the hours is excellent!

diyadear said...

ya keshi.. i rem u watchign amelie while jogging lol.. but this one will keep u bound to ur seat.
thanks chronic writer..
yup will drop in soon..
im sure u will like it..

Devil Mood said...

I loved the Hours, but it depressed me immensely. I thought the book was great too, but fortunately I read it before I watched the film - I think this is better because your imaginary won't be all about the film.

pria said...

Well written and haven't seen it yet...

diyadear said...

yes indeed.. a very gud movie..
yeah true, its always best to read the book first..but sadly i missed it on this one.
priya, thanks.. do watch it if u can..

Keshi said...

**i rem u watchign amelie while jogging

lol u know my style pretty well dun u!


chronicwriter said...

thank you for dropping keep blogging cos am dropping down here often

diyadear said...

ha ha yes gal. ur clean bowled!!!
oops.. that puts me to work.. but thanks for saying that. will look fwd for more from u :)

Bob-kat said...

Oh, yes it is a wonderful film. Truly enchanting. There is something about Audrey Tatou as an actress. She is fabulous!

Thank you for the birthday wishes and the Scrubs clip :) I loved it and have showcased it on my blog :)

Cris said...

Hey beautiful, done! Thanks for the heads up, I posted today after a long week away...

Ps said...

'Hours' sound really interesting.Will look it up for sure on IMDB

diyadear said...

im so glad u liked it.. n im honoured u put it up :)
here i come to check out ur fabulous pics..
yes do watch it..u'll like it..

Hershey Desai said...

I thought you knew about the cruise?
doesn't anyone listen when I say something...I have been babbling about this cruise for over 3 months now.

Its a trip to few places in greece, rome venice naples monaco..etc etc..14 days in all...
each day a different place...

so, you threw a party eh? good good..hubby deserves a little surprise now and then..

as for this post,
another movie review eh...sigh..even this one has subtitles... I finally watched amelie...or atleast..half of asleep midway.
Guess french movies are not my style.
This , "the hours"...schizophrenia eh..I may see that one..

have you seen, "the forgotten". I saw that few days ago. Pretty weird movie. Good to cure boredom. not worth seeing it again...

I am talking too much aren't I..will stop now...

Dushti said...

Here from Bharath!
I had seen Amelie and simply loved it ! Will try watching the other ones too.

J said...

audrey tautou.. the same one who was in Da Vinci code I guess?? she's nice :D

sam said...

Amelie i have seen...s weet movie.. but teh other yet to see... and am definitely going the hours!! somehow i liked the concept very much!!

diyadear said...

i am soo sorry, i didnt know abt it :( anyways have a gr8 trip n do post in the pics for us.. we'll miss u..
n as for amelie.. ha ha tyoical of u to doze off..
no i havent seen the forgotten.. will chekc that out.. n hope i dont dissappoint u as they dont show abt her illness much.. for that u better watch "the beautiful mind" ;)
n hey i loved the hindi movie"woh lamhe" not only for shiney ahuja but the movie also he he

thanks for droping by.. im sure u'll like these too :)

j, yes that right.. yeah she s a pretty gal.. :)

Anonymous said...

If you like Audrey Tautou, you should watch the movie He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (A La Folie Pas Du Tout). She plays her character very well, and the story is very twisted, yet very clever.

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