Tuesday, June 5, 2007


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hey people................. A BIG BIG HI..

10 DAYS!!! Withot u.. life was barren!!!

I was choked to Boredom n i kept thinking of other things to do on my to-do list.believe me all boring ;-) Though important.. :-( So i just did it for namesake.. After all, wat gud is doing all the imporant things if u dont feel like urself or feel dull n pathetic rt???

The long weekend (may 26-28) was fun.. we drove over to houston n had a fine time meeting friends n relatives.. N had loads of gud food..ha ha yes im fed up of eating my own food. :P

i drove at 90 mph he he n it was thrilling.. but it was a bit scary when the rain gods put me to test n we were driving with the emergency lights on cos visibility was near zero..(ha ha is this a plane or wat??? lol) watever.. ;)

Gosh how i love blogging... though it is like penning my innermost thoughts n some of which r top secrets ok..but y bother abt the virtual problems when i have the real friends in my readers.. It was really very sweet of harshal to keep tempting me to come back..Also all the others who said my site was gud n they wanted me to come back made me feel gud.. atleast it erased all doubts of whether all this writing was worthwhile.. Not that i intended to stop blogging.. but now atleast it states that it was not only me enjoying my blog :)

Job hunt has officially begun n in less than 3 months i may be working full time.. i am happy abt it cos its been almost 6 months that im idle at home now.. but this is fun too.. It shows on the weighing maching ;-)

posting a pic of my straight hair which gave me oodles of joy thought again thanks to the rains lasted hardly 3 days.. i have loads of catching up with u all to do.. if i missed out on anything really really imp/ exciting pl do let me know.. i must confess hibernation sucks.. there was not a wink of sleep leave alone sweet dreams.. so i better stick to my day dreaming!!!


Keshi said...

WB Diya I missed ya!

U drove at 90 mph? Thats my usual. LOL! K Im kidding..Im a safe driver...I stick to the limit.

That hair is GORGEOUS! WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWZA! ***touchwood**



Radha said...

Look at the length of your hair !!!!!! Wow !

Bob-kat said...

Glad to see you are back :)

Your hair is lovely adn long. Mine was about the same length until a few years ago when I had it cut. Part of me misses it but the rest of me finds it much easier to cope with less hair!

Good luck with the job hunt!

Little Miss Muffet said...

ooohh..u have such looooooooong hair! cool !! be careful driving above the speed limit, especially since ur a new driver...u never know when a cop is around...

diyadear said...

he he thanks..
wood touch ;)
B-k, thanks a lot..

Cris said...

Welcome back! We were missed! Look at your hair!!! That's nice!

Devil Mood said...

Wow, you've got hair!
This is funny because today Venus went into Leo and in an astrology site everyone was talking about hair because Leo is very associated with hair - everyone was pleased with their hair lol
Blogging is the best :)

Hershey said...

you are back...you haven't read the finale of my story...took you 3 days to finish the second part...
and left 2 comments in the first one....one left recently..and answered quickly too.

it rains in houston?


ahem..a little seriousness.
While it is nice for others to feel that your blog is good...it technically shouldn't matter as long as YOU think its good.

whats with the photo...is that your hair...no ..of course not...can't be..nope...not possible...you would be lady godiva then..and I find that incomprehensible...
you trying to tell me something? I WILL NOT CUT MY HAIR!!!
why does everyone try to tell me to cut my hair...I know it looks like i have been attacked by a wild animal...but let it grow..let it be long enough to straighten...then we shall see.

that really is your hair isn't it...my god...I want long hair too...but not that long...
maybe half of what you got...

willing to share?
oh.. ever thought of being a rock star?

eep..that much hair and rain...I don't even want to imagine the trouble of maintaining it...

diyadear said...

muffet, yup i need to be more alert n yes ma'm i will drive safe..
:D its not nice when in tangles
devil mood,
where did scorpio go ;) lol
im coming rt over to read ur story if my husband does in drop in now
i get a big b ring to the serious advice of urs big bo not amitabh but big brother :)

Mr. J said...

Rapunzel rapunzel!!!

Maddy said...

well well - the pic of your tresses reminded me of the rapunzel story..must be having a tough time maintaining it...

diyadear said...

Mr j,
i liked that name ;)
yeah tough time indeed.. but sumhow i love to have them long :)

Lotus Reads said...

Glad you're back, Rapunzel! ;)

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