Thursday, July 19, 2007

it sure is a crisis..
the temperaturs r soaring.. The coke cans are just going..
the rain clouds have vanished.. N so have the flowers that i cherished.
the pool is full of noisy kids and the library is at a stand still..

ok guys no time for poetry now.. i know my blogging is at a low.. i've been busy job hunting..
But sigh guess i need to wait till october before anything can happen..last year too i was listening to this same song.. i was on the so called "bench"(out of project) n was waiting for october when i cud go home :)

wake me up when september ends.. by Green Day!!
N as the song is good im not getting bugged :)))enjoy!!!


StandbyMind said...

I will wake u up..
love the siong...feel like listening to that u mention it..
and may u get a cooool cooool job!!!!

Little Miss Muffet said...

good luck! :)

diyadear said...

hey aman,
hope u listened to it.. i have broadcast it from youtube..
Thank u :)

Moi said...

enjoy the lazy summers......and good luck with job hunt :)

Kulpreet said...

Temperature rising is sure a problem. In New Delhi, where i live, it is at its worst. You sweat like a pig from morning till evening the moment you step out of air conditioned environs.
Sad, what we have turned this planet into.

Ps said...

Didnt publish my comment? :(

diyadear said...

thanks moi.. hope u have a gr8 summer too.
kulpreet, ya i heard delhi is like a furnace too.. :(
which comment??:O i didnt get any:(

kaylee said...

great post

pointblank said...

well.. m really lucky here.. its raining cats and dogs.. freezing at times!gzzzz!

pointblank said...

well.. m lucky. Its raining cats and dogs here. Sometimes freezing! gzzzzz!

J said...

That song sure makes a good listen. Hmm job hunt huh!! Welcome aboard :D and make yourself at home.

diyadear said...

thanks kaylee sweetie..
enjoy!!! n thnks for droppin by
yeah we r sailing on the same sad titanic.. :(

Keshi said...

its a crisis here too...temps r like -5C :( and its breezing my butt to death.

I've got a cold, cough and fever...


J said...

Titanic.. lol.. rightly said. Only problem is that this stupid ship isn't breaking but keeps bumping into the icebergs.. and that sucks totally!!!

Cris said...

Good luck with your job hunting, are you going back home you meant?

Bob-kat said...

I love Green Day :)

Although it is allegedly still July here I am convinced it is October already as it does not stop raining and it's chilly! Good luck with the job hunting.

diyadear said...

oooh keshi,
get well soon...
j, lolz ;)
cris, than ks.. no im not goin home.. sadly :((
i love green day too :) n wow for rains!!enjoy!!!

Lotus Reads said...

Diya, I feel the same way. Summer and its activities have turned my usual schedule on its head...I, too, can't wait for September when the kids go back to school and life settles down into a more manageable routine.

Good luck with the job hunting!

Aswin said...

good luck for job hunting. hope you get a good one.

Aswin said...

and i forgot to tell...i love this song... :)

X'mas fun in the Garden City