Monday, July 30, 2007


hey all,
i have not been blogging as frequently as i used to these days.. But believe me, for a change im working he he ;)
Don't know if u noticed but i have put up a link for a travel site its my hubby dear's dream project and we have been working to make it work :) Do drop in and say wat u think about it.. Suggestions/frank opinions are most welcome.. Would love to hear wat u have to say..
Another thing has been on my career front.. there are a few developments happening here and there.. So fossils have started to stir at last ;) More importantly, I took up a dare and i attended an interview for a Radio Jockey at the Dallas desi(indian) FM 104.9 ;) The interview was a piece of cake n i hope the results too are sweet and tasty!! I would love it if i get this job.. its been my dream to have an artistic/creative kinda career. But it never materialised or rather i never took up the dare ;)
but now i have.. As i reach a quarter mark in life, i feel the many inhibitions i have kept so dear to me are nothing but cobwebs hindering my view.. So i have decided to emerge strong and try being brave ;) N I'm glad i attended the interview, even if i don't make it to the next level.. but i keep my fingers crossed n wish i do:)
it feels nice to be sharing all this stuff with u guys again.. Another innovative(?) thing i did is i created a local community here on my favourite pass time and the response did turn out well.. the first meet happened last weekend and we all went for bowling.. The alley was beautiful and the back drop colorful and very graphic.. Would love to have posted pics but i forgot to take my camera n the only pics i got were from a friend and are of them(n me too ;))..So no alley to show u :( However,bowling struck us hard n so me n V went again this weekend for bowling at a different place.. but this place wasn't as good as the first one. but there were many other games n we enjoyed a lot. :) so that's all about my update.. n now will visit each of u soon :) tc..


Nanditha Prabhu said...

A big hi to u too!
congrats dear! many wonderful things hovering around you this time...your elation is reflected in your post!wish you keep up this jovial mood always!all the very best!

kaylee said...

A big hi to you too and I am glad you found a job:)

veena said...

Thats a great news !!! Hope u get thru.. Will pray for u..

Radha said...

Good luck with the job!! I hope you become a seem to have the personality for it :)

accidental diva said...

hey just came by ur blog..well written n' I must say good for u that u went to the interview. I've always wanted to work as a radio jockey too:)....hope u get the job. best of luck.

pointblank said...

RJ Divya! wow.. it sure sounds good! I think its hi time I broke my own inhibitions, braving te Quarter life crisis.

Bob-kat said...

Fingers crossed for the DJ job. I really admire you for going to the interview.

J said...

Wow.. lots of exciting things. Keep up the good spirits. Your RJ thingy.. kinda reminds me of Priety in Salaam Namaste ;)

MeMyself_n_I said...

oh no, no photos!!!
and great news. really really hope u get the job. :-)

Little Miss Muffet said...

that's great going, girl! i think it's important to give everything a try at least..only then will we add meaning to our proud of u :)

diyadear said...

hey nandita,
ya its terrible for others too if im in a foul mood. so i pray it always remains good ;)
i havent found one yet.. ha ha ironic rt. i sound soo happy u thught i found one he he
thanks a lot.. ya prayers will count a ton :)
he he glad u think so.. u made my day :)
accidental diva,
thanks for visiting. will visit ur soon too :)
yup gal go for it!!! dont let anything come ur way!!
im blushing he he thank u :)
u wont believe it.. the radio station is called radiosalaamnamaste!!
check out :)
sorry abt the photos. but u didnt put pics in ur fabulous saree either :( anyways, ya i hope i get that too :)
yes finally im growing wings ;) swimming will be next ;) thanks to u :)

Maddy said...

well well well - great news, so you are branching our on your own. Pretty nice. I will revert later with some thoughts on your travel site. and the second bit of news was a surprise - RJ?? why not? I can picture the 'zinta' girl and our own palakkad girl vidya balan in front of the mike!! I think we can hear you here in cal over the net -hope you get through the next steps..all the bestest

Keshi said...

hey Diya missed ya!

** an interview for a Radio Jockey at the Dallas desi(indian) FM 104.9

how COOL is that! WOW! I hope u get the job and then I can tell my friends I have a Radio DJ friend

Fingers crossed for ya my dear!

Aswin said...

you planning to become an RJ. cool...hope the result comes out sweet :).... well how about RJ Div
sorry to know that you could not get any pics of the alley....get them next time

Ps said...

Hey--thats indeed great news!! I do hope you get through.The whole family will be proud.

diyadear said...

hey maady sir.. do send me ur valuble comments thru mail n ya ya if im RJ u will have to listen ;)keshi gal,
yups wudnt that be cool im thrilled too. but results not coming out yaar..
aswin, he he ya next time i'll post in pics :)
ps, ya it wud be soo gr8.. hope i get thru..

KAYLEE said...


Ceruleus said...

Hmmm... Interesting write! Here's wishing that we get to hear your voice on air and that you learn how to bowl well!



diyadear said...

no probs dear..
thanks a lot for ur kind wishes :)

Cris said...

Congrats!!! If I had money I would take one of the tours!!!

Keshi said...

so when is the results gonna come?


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