Monday, July 2, 2007

the belated tags!!!

Sometimes when you seem to have a lot of something, even if that something was something you always longed badly for, it seems soo boring... n the something i seem to have a lot these days is ofcourse time..i always felt there is so much in this world to know.. so much more to learn, so much on the internet, n wat all i cud do when i sit idle.. sigh!!!
Sadly nothing seems to be interesting me now.. as i have already told you, i am awestruck by the libraries here.. but sadly my reading is at an all time low :( n i feel so pathetic about it..
Earlier when i was a student or was working, i always read some book before goin to bed. it was part of my routine.. now the moment i take a book im fast asleep.. maybe cos the times i choose to read are afternoons.. but 2 days back one book caught my attention.. we went to Barnes &Nobles n i picked up paulo coelho's "the witch of portobello" n read the first 50 pages.. N it sure was intriguing!!! looking forward to reading it soon..
I am in a crappy mood right now.. but i thought i wud finish the 3 long waiting tags from nanditha, radha and ranjith. And akanksha too(the last 2 have tagged me on the same one!!)

The above lines were written a week back.. However i didnt complete the post nor publish it then.. But must tell u today i am happy that i put in some efforts to change the situation described in the above lines.. i completed reading a book in 1 week.. i had forgotten when was the last time i finished one at that pace.. Oof course there have been times i did it in 2 days.. but as i told u i hadnt' been ale to do so for some time.. n now im glad i cud.. :)
Also i have requested for some of the books i had always wanted to read from the library an somhow tat frees me form the "i'm a moron" feeling now.. N im back to the stage were i think i can post in with a positive feeling.. i know its best to write (type) down ur sorrows.. But somehow i hardly do it here.. May be cos i want to read only the happy instances when i read my blog as a granny he he..

So coming to the belated tags.. phew i got 3 of them to do..
The first one i believe is not so late as its a book tag and i took up my new book just ;)
N the book is 'Bedford Square' by Anne Perry.. Now this is the first time i'm reading her n i randomly chose a mystery novel ;) Hope she is good..
So the lovely Nandhita tagged me to jot down the 5th paragraph of page 123 of my current read
i hope its a small para ;)
so here goes -
(ha ha im lucky.. just 2 lines ;))

she smiled back at him, as if she had understood far more than he had said "How very wise of you.I shall do exactly the same."And she walked close to his side,keeping her arm through his.

And the chapter ends there!!(im all smiles)

so one down.. Here goes the next one..

Better Late than "The late" Tag

A tag all the way from Dubai by the beautiful Radha to tell you about my oldest childhood memories..Now as u must be knowing i love talking abt the old times (Ha do i sound ike a granny)..
So my oldest childhood memory wud be.. wel u have to listen to many cos im not sure which is the oldest..
They all have to be from the Bangalore times.. means my first 4 yrs in Bangalore.
I remember my first 'boy'friend called vicky. He was an yr older than me n also our next door neighbour. And once when there were some guests at our place n my parents were seeing them off at the gate, i ran over to vicky's house(both our homes were in the same compound n it was night) my mom n dad kept searching for me n at last found me he he i dont remember if i was smacked for running away like that ;) But im sure i wudn't have been as i was a cute talkative little gal at age 3 n wud have talked them out of it.. smart aint i ;)

N another small bad habit or lets say addiction i had at the time was my feeding bottle.. (shud i be a little embarrassed to say this :D) yes i was hooked to it n wudn't abandon it for anything.. then my dad had to create a scene of smashing the bottle in front of me n dumping it in the dustbin so that i wud wane away from my habit.. sigh poor me.. :(
ok i think i will stop on my ever flowing memories here for now else it sounds like a lullaby..

So marching on towards 'The Late'st Tag..
My buddy Ranjit n the pretty gal Akanksha have tagged me to write 8 random things about me..
but i guess i have already done a similar one not so while ago.. So Do have a look here
N as they make only 5 here i go bragging 3 more things about myself..

*I don't know swimming. N this summer i badly wish i did.. N also i'm a bit reluctant to learn from some swimming school now.. cos i am ahem ahem shy.. :(

*I have always wanted an elder brother..Though i had few rakshabandhan bro's at school, it was for plain fun n sharing sweets alone..well mostly.. it never worked out the way i always wanted.. Nor can i expect it to right.. so sigh..

* ok n as for the next random thing about me.. u tell me.. i will publish the one thats most appealing to me :)


Keshi said...

awww Diya hope u feel better soon. HUGGGGGGGZ!

**then my dad had to create a scene of smashing the bottle in front of me n dumping it in the dustbin so that i wud wane away from my habit

lol so cute! I can just picture ya with the bottle :):)


diyadear said...

keshi, tha nks for commenting.. but u didnt answer me.. :( pl read the last line of the post n tell me. wont u..

Keshi said...

ooops Sorry Diya!

**ok n as for the next random thing.. u tell me.. i will publish the one thats most appealing to me

how d u mean next random thing? plz explain further :) tnxx!


Radha said...

Wow, you still remember your feeding bottle??!!
And wait till Vasanth reads about your 'boy friend' at age 3 !! :-)

diyadear said...

next random thing about me.. anything that u remember or know abt me.. uknow.. hope u understood.. i getting tongue tied ;)
ha ha ya feeding bottle was my fav gadget.. how cud i forget it..
n shhhhhhh.. dont u say it so loud.. v will notice it.. :)

akanksha said...

Hey..dat was a good one..n u know wt, me too always wanted an elder bro...dont know y,, but seeing a lot of frnds who had one, always made me fantasize about having one.But lucky me....afetr 21years of my life, i met a distant cousin of mine who was a bit elder to me.And today, i fondly call him my loving big brother.We gelled so well from d day we met dat today, we both regret that we lost those 21 years.But having a big bro, is sure no less dan a treat everyday!!!!

Cris said...

Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian author... Oh I accomplished so many things during the day while in College, now the day does not seem enough, I need more hours!

Titash Roy said...

for a break try writing something, always helps!

Ps said...

your hair, your hair, your beautiful looooooooooong, silky hair and the amount of time you spend caring for it (am sure it will be talking at least 5 minutes to even comb it) ;-)(now you cannot deny that short a time frame can you?!)

priya said...

I agre with swiming ofcourse very shy like u... Cute tag diya.. I think u r cool, passionate and enjoy wat you do;))

Bob-kat said...

Wow that's a lot of tags. I feel guilty now as I have tagged you too but I see someone has already tagged you the 8 random things. Unless you want to think up 8 more that is - hee hee! Don't worry if you don't want to do it :)

Hope you are feeling much more positive now :)

diyadear said...

thats sweet..forget the past n enjoy now for the rest of ur lives..
ya he is brazilian like u :)n rightly said abt time.. i think as sstudents we get the most time for ourselves..
ya i think i'll do that..
lol u shud give me a surprise visit some time n see how ferocious i look :D
that was sweet.. thank u..
pl dont feel guilty.. thanks for tagging..ya as u said after a long long time when i again feel like writing 8 random things, will take up the tag for sure :)

Little Miss Muffet said...

oh i wish u would learn swimming..i was too shy to learn in india but honestly over here, there is absolutely no reason to feel shy..just love ur body and flaunt it, girl..ahem, i mean, learn swimming, girl :D

J said...

DD.. how you been. That's quite an update. You still in touch with Vicky?/ :P Oh abt swimming, no worries I lived on an island and survived without knowing how to swim.. so there :D


diyadear said...

he he yeah seriously thinking abt it

Dushti said...

This random tag thing sure seems to do the rounds. I see it in every other blog :D

Nanditha Prabhu said...

Sorry , I didnt get much time on checking out the blog for a couple of days and so missed this post for a while!
it was a good read!
you asked me which part of kerala i hail from.
I'm from kochin . and my husband is from kodungallor!

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