Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy boys and Happy girls!!

Once upon a time a little girl with 2 little ponies on both sides built a castle by the sea shore.. she decorated her castle using sea shells and stones.. her younger sibling watched with awe how her sister was building up a pretty castle.. it was a perfect evening, the sun painting the sky crimson red with its rays.. The sea gulls flying across the horizon.

The kids waited to watch the sun drown into the sea..That usually marked their evening off at the beach.After tat they walked away holding the hands of their mom and dad. A happy sight, a happy family..

But wonder y.. the happiness never stays.. it always gets washed away like the castle on the beach..or may be its like the occasional rainbow which comes all of a sudden with the rains n then disappears without a trace.. however hard we try we cannot create a rainbow thru the sky we cannot..may be u can paint ur imagination with the 7 elegant colors of the rainbow.. I feel the same is with happiness.. u can only make urself believe ur happy, unless there really is a moment, a special blessed moment which renders you to be happy.. like the rainbow which adorns the sky, the instance when happiness adorns ur life.. But then its just for an instance..After a few hours or days it just vanishes..

I often wonder y should there be sadness at all.. wat bad is it if everyone in the world remains happy?? oh yes i know wat some of ur answers are goin to be.. without night there is no day.. u wont appreciate happiness if u dont know wat sadness is etc etc..But can one be truly happy?? or wat is a happy state?? It is of course relative and with each new achievement we have still innumerable things yet to be achieved.. may be greed or jealousy or some other emotion eats up a little bit of our happiness unknowingly.. But we r all not saints now are we??yet amidst all our stresses and strains we find means to be happy.. listening to a favourite song, grabbing an ice cream, talkin to a friend.. all this makes one happy.. but isn't it some way we just discovered to run away from our true state of sadness??Can't it be the other way round??Or is it only my thought??

let me hear it from you.. wat do u think is a happy state?? when will u fell that gosh.. now im truly happy.. without having to search for a means to pacify urself of being happy..

NB: - "Happy boys and Happy girls by aqua is one of my makes me feel happy songs!! hence the title for this post..:)"


Keshi said...

wonderful post Diya!

Happiness never stays...cos its not a's a journey...a direction...a ride...a drive. So enjoy while the journey lasts :)


akanksha said...

i identify with u on all aspects...happiness never stays..the hareder i try to run after it to catch it...the farther it runs away from me....and wt i decide again and again during the running phase is lets be happy during the chase...enjoy the chase so that it creates a kind of hapiness or the way u say dat we imagine happiness to be something we get while running away from our share of sadness...maybe happiness is wt i get in overcomming the glooms by talking to a friend...or maybe going out for a walk with mom...or having an icecream like u said! But chocolates work better for me!:-)

KAYLEE said...

GREAT STORY I AM Back and getting better:P

SG said...

Very beautiful post.

I think happiness and sadness are like two faces of the coin called "Life". But I guess we tend to think and count more about sadness in our lives rather than happy moments. Enjoy your life and that itself is happiness.

As for me, spending time with family and friends brings me happiness. If I get to know that I have made someone happy, that makes my day :)

wacko said...


Nanditha Prabhu said...

that was a a lovely post!

childhood showcases untainted joy which seems to fade away with time!
but i feel in the process of growing up we tend to accumulate a lot of unnecessary baggage which makes the journey more tedious and tiresome! and start identifying more with the baggage than our true self!
pleasure , pain, happiness , sorrow all are part of the journey we are on.....they come and go like the ripples on the water...but our true state is not that of sadness but of true joy which is reflected in our child hood days!
If we start creating an awareness on everything we do and think and live the life this moment ....we will be able to experience the joy of living.....a joy with out any that of small kids!

Aswin said...

well that was one happy family...but humans can never be happy because there are not always content...happiness is feeling content with yourself....if they are content they will be happy or they will run after it to archive it. talking to a friend helps you a lot but its only momentary and in this busy world its very difficult to keep in touch even with close friends . listing to your fav song helps you to get lost atleast for sometime....

diyadear said...

yeah thats a beautiful way to put it... muwaaa
yeah like the beach sand which u cant hold between ur fingers.. :(
gald to know ur fine.. stay fine dear..
yeah well said abt making others happy. that sure brings us gr8 joy!!
ek word mein khatam??:P just kidding..
hey really loved ur comment.. looks like ur sadhana is really working :)i too hope to get benefitted from it :)
yeah silly us humans.. sigh..

Keshi said...



priya said...

You are pretty good at short stories diya. Happiness comes from within and it lasts as long as we are able to carry the cherished or good moments of life.

Radha said...

Lovely post, Diya!
I think happiness is a state of mind. Some days I feel terribly happy although nothing has materially changed in my life. And some days I feel miserable. Which is why I say its all in one's mind :)

tulipspeaks said...

in order to be happy, we hv to be satisfied with wht we have. the catch is... we will nvr be satisfied. we will keep pursuing till the very end.


Bob-kat said...

Happiness is a trasient state. It is faragile and can be shattered so easily can't it? I also beleive there are different kinds of happiness. There is the sudden kind that comes with laughing at a good joke, the satisfying kind when we've had a good day and the kind where we're in a state of happiness all the time, when things are going well in life.

I'm still searching for the last kind.

Maddy said...

if only one could define happiness - well it could be - not a care in the world, wind through the grass, birds singing, thick book in hand, looking at the sky...but that defines a dreamer.. i dont know, you cant define it, it comes & it goes, like it should or you can never define sadness, i suppose.

diyadear said...

yeah shud check out my hand at short stores sum time ;)
yeah where can i trade for a happy mind?? ;) just kidding..
yes girl.. u said it.. thats the sad story..
u summerised it well. BTW same here still waiting for that stage..
yes maddyji,
the complimentary view points :)

Naveen said...

Wonderful post .... happiness ... hmmm ... i suppose a person is happiest when he can be himself without being self conscious .... it may be while engrossed in performing a task or while meditating ... the moment a thought interferes the intensity reduces ..... it seems quite complex to grasp let's leave it at that ... for my happiness' sake ..:-)

Bharath said...

I think.. just to make life complicated.. humans invented too many of these states of mind .. when they evolved..!

Happiness.. or sadness.. is just injection hormones.. with positive or negative feedback.. Both are not good in large continuous quantities.. And if we get them continuously.. we would be addicted to those hormones.. or the response of our body to these hormones stop.

So being in a single state of mind.. happiness .. sadness or envy is equivalent.. to being inactive.

Though this line of thot.. towards everythin.. is plain sick sometimes..

it does help us sometimes.. to get the proper perspective..

Sometimes.. just takin ourselves as an evolved animal.. which developed complicated traits.. helps..

I know I sound crazy. but i gues.. there is a little sense too..

some line of thot.. :)

Sri Tatsat Mishra said...

Hi Diya, I must regret that not-reading-the-whole-post and still commenting is not such a good idea but still I would take a chance, if it helps..Well, the question that you have put up,caught all my attention.I could try to answer something that has always caught human attention.Well, we know we are happy when we are either dead or when we are not in a position to think.Because if we can think we always strive/think for more..Natural law~~ pressure difference causes the flow to happen.What do you say ?Meanwhile am blogrolling you as you promise an awesome read !! Thanks for the post...

Sri Tatsat Mishra said...

Also,being happy is relative.We dont seem to discover something like eternal happiness~~ something which is independent of everyone else's state around.However,i have a gut feeling that its not always happiness that we seek...What do you say?

durjoy datta said...

nice post.........
aswins' right i guess.......
bein content is being happy........
n as sheryl crow crooned.......
"It's not having what you want
It's wanting what you've got.......!!!"

Kalyan said...

Nice reading the story and yes happiness is just like fleeting clouds, so we should enjoy the moement to the fullest when we do get a chance...lovely post along with the beautiful photo too!

X'mas fun in the Garden City