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Thanks for all ur comments on my previous post.. As they say time is the best healer.. the biggest of wounds are forgotten with time.. had read somewhere that if a woman cud remember how painful it was to have a child she wouldn't venture for it the next time.. :)
So yes as u all said.. that's life.. recently before i wrote my prev post i had written a post on life being the best gift. take a look at it here.
So, guess i let go of all the fears, anxiety n move on taking one day, one hr, one moment at a time.. And i am sure u all agree that at times the going gets tough.. and u need to give vent to ur feelings.. but now I'm composed.. thanks to all u wonderful people out there..
My RJ thingy has sprung up again.. they called me n asked if i cud do an Ad..i was all yes yes yes n so off i went driving 20 miles ;) N its the first time i was driving alone on freeways.. so it was exciting... N now my voice is getting broadcast over Dallas for 2 ads. one for an Indian grocery store and another for a furniture shop. cool na.. It will be really gr8 if i get tat job.. i will enjoy doing it rather than sit n talk to computers... ;) well ya so small things bringing joy and making life normal again..
well guess that's how it is and always will be we need to keep singing and dancing. as the show must go on... enjoy!!


KAYLEE said…
THATS GREAT DIYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
veena said…
Nice to hear that u are back in form ;) have a great time buddy..
Keshi said…
Diya glad to see u hv bounced back to sunny smiles. HUGGGGGGGGGS!

**i was all yes yes yes n so off i went driving 20 miles

I do the same when I need some space...once I drove ard the same area again n again for like 3hrs LOL!

btw u might like to read my current post..it may make u smile.

J said…
Not bad at all DD. Way to go!!
Adi Crazy said…
Hey! I'm sure you'll get the job real soon. Small unexpected things bring more joy in life than the ones we long for. All the best and have fun!! :)
tulipspeaks said…
your voice is getting broadcasted?? cool!!! congrats and all the best!

glad u r feeling better. enjoy the life to the fullest while we can!

Devil Mood said…
Hey congratulations, Advertising Lady :)
Exciting news, no doubt. And, yes, that's supposed to be the secret: one day at the time. Always.
priya said…
Good for ya and Congrats girl...
Maddy said…
vanguvin vanguvin - pilsbury atta -12 dollar matram, hey girl, i am just pulling ur leg - all the bestest, may you become a big time RJ, DJ, VJ....
Nanditha Prabhu said…
great news there!
Hey Diya, I was away so didnt visit you for a while. Reading this post make me smile. Keep going and all the best.
diyadear said…
kaylee, thanks dearie..
yup. u too buddy..
yup ;) read ur post. thank u... :))
he he..
thanks for the faith in me.. i hope i do too :)
tulip, yes enjoying each moment of it :)
DM hugs n smiles..:)
priya, nice profile pic.. :)
maddy sir, ha ha ho ho.. entha parrayaa,??
P-G, glad to have u back after so long.. will come n visit u soon :)
Keshi said…
Hope ur ok Diya.

MeMyself_n_I said…
oh good to hear you're feeling better now. :-)

and woooow sounds like a real cool job. it's be so amazing to hear your own voice on the radio. really hope you get it.

best of luck!
Aswin said…
2 ads.. thats not a bad start...great going. hope you get the job. RJ DIYA is a possibility.... :-)
Bob-kat said…
Very glad things are looking up for you. it's so cool about those radio ads!
Radha said…
congratulations Diya!!
Must be so exciting!
When will the ads be aired?
Pointblank said…
hey divz..

would like to add u to my blog lists. Hope u wont mind.
Ps said…
Hey GREAT TO HEAR THAT! I'm so proud of you!! Well done diyak!! Well done!
Keshi said…
Miss.Diya hows u? :)

Moi said…
hey girl..i missed a coupla posts and now i realize, you have been through some tough times...i hope the clouds clear away soon and u get the job too!!! meanwhile, keep the faith.
and the ads thing must be so cool!!!! :)
david santos said…
I come to congratulate you with your work, very good, and to desire good vacations to you
Pointblank said…
Lovely post divz... it touched me. dint know u write so well.. dunno wotz bothering u, but I loved tat thing u said bout women giving birth n not remebering te pain.
Pointblank said…
i'm adding ur blog to my list. Hope u wouldn mind.
diyadear said…
it already been aired :)
thank u all for commenting in..
pointblanc, i will be more than happy :D
Cris said…
Hey diya! What great news! I am so happy for you! Tell your mom I said hello please. She's a sweet lady. xooxo

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