Sunday, May 6, 2018

Summer Camp Special- Part 1

Kids these days have the option of so many activities for their vacation - be it sports camp, swimming, robotics, crafts , calligraphy and what not.. But is it as enjoyable as playing all day long in the open grounds, climbing trees, aiming at mangoes and jamuns, swimming in the natural water bodies like ponds and rivers, attending temple festivals, and the many wedding or any other ceremonies.. we cannot say for our generation haven't enjoyed the current summer camps and our kids wouldn't know the pleasure of our times.

We used to make snakes and mini mattresses from leaves of coconut trees, suck the nectar from form the banana flower, play for hours with touch me nots and many other such special plants n weeds.

Grandpa always used to put swings for us either in the cow shed or on one of the trees.We would also help granny makes papads and pickles.Those were really good old days.. Sadly we don't realize they are so priceless when we are young. N like old wine these memories get sweeter with time. Don't you agree?

Leaving you with some pics of my kids summer creations

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