Saturday, June 23, 2007

Birthday bash..

It sure is fun to arrange a surprise party!!! Especially since i have found mobility real recently ;)So on thursday was my dear V's b'day. N bein the first after our marriage i thought it really needs to be spl..
n here im posting the birthday cake for u all..It was marathon cooking..N the party rocked leavin me all tired n speechless.
so will find words to express some other time.. till then enjoy the weekend all..


Mr. J said...

Belated B'day wishes to V.. seems like you well on your way to be a super cook ;)

MeMyself_n_I said...

ooooooh nice. a very happy birthday to him. :-)

Lotus Reads said...

Happy Birthday, V!

What was his reaction to the surprise party? :) So glad you pulled it off and the cake looks great, too!

My daughter turns 16 soon and I wanted to give her a surprise party, but her friends surprised me by buying her tickets to the 'Frey' concert and they all went there Friday night..after which they went out to eat. Now that her friends are taken care of, maybe we'll take her to the "Queen" musical!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Diya!

Bob-kat said...

That looks like a great cake! Sounds like you arranged a wonderful party. I hope you had fun!

Maddy said...

happy belated bday for vasanth...may u both celebrate many more in happiness...

Aswin said...

hey you made the cake....good looks good in the pic....

Keshi said...

Wut a beauuuuutiful cake! Did u make it Diya?

Belated bday wishes to ur husband!


diyadear said...

hey mr j,
yeah on my way indeed..
sure.. will tell him..
he sure was surprised a lot.. n a little embarasssed n hvin to blow candles he he..
oh wow a very happy birthday to her.. n enjoy!!
yeah we did have fun.. :D
thats such a sweet greeting..thank u :)
thaanks for commenting.. n no i didnt make the cake. though made all the other food for the party :)
keshi,he he no i didnt make it.. but did make loads of food for the guests :) so how r u spending ur bday?? will check ur blog tomo to know;)

Radha said...

Happy belated birthday to him !!

Smita said...

Such a great cake! Hope u all enjoyed the celebrations :)

Cris said...

How nice, I'm sure it was a good one, happy belated birthday to V!

diyadear said...

will pass on ur wishes to him :)
did enjoy it a lot :)
thank u.. will tell him..

J said...


Little Miss Muffet said...

oh of course first b'days are special..i'm sure ur hubby is gonna store it in his cache of special memories :)

akanksha said...

Hey happy belated bday to V! and dat was such a nice cake....u r good at dat too!!!!
Well,heres wishing u both lotsa happiness and many more celebrations in life! Tk Care.
Hmmmm..i cant end dis widout a thank u!!!(4 ur comments and calling me a poet!!! wow)

Moi said...

hey belated b'day wishes for your husband :)

diyadear said...

grin grin..
yeah.. hope i had it etched on his memory ;)
thanks a ton honey.. :))
moi, thanks for ur wishes.. will pass it on.. :)

Shruti said...

Wow!!!yummy cake

A very happy bealted birthday to him..
Surprises just increase the beauty of anything..

TAke care

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priya said...

Belated wishes to him and cake looks so nice girl.

Ps said...

mebbe its coming a bit late but wishes are hearfelt and sincere..
happy happy birthday to vasanth.Pls convey :)

akanksha said...

You are tagged..visit my blog for details.

tulipspeaks said...

happy belated V!


diyadear said...

yes he loved the surprise :)
priya n PS,
will let him know abt ur kind wishes :)
akanksha, yup will surely check out the tag..
tulip, he he thanks for the wish..

sam said...

Hey!! congrats for completing a year of marital bliss!! :)
be happy.. stay beautiful!!
god bless!!

diyadear said...

we have completed only half a yr.. n the cake was for my hubby s birthdau.. it was a googly for u lol ;)
but thanks for the wishes.. :)

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