Thursday, June 7, 2007

A gr8 day!!!

people can u believe it.. i got my drivers license today!!! not that it was impossible.. but the unbelievable part is that i got a 100/100... straight good(thats the highest they give here mind u..:P) in all the areas.. My instructor said i was excellent n i deserved a pat on the back he hehe..
n to think i had been swearing all the DPS offices n the roads n the rules here he he.. now i can go shopping to the malls n where not. he he..
okay don't u worry.. i will be safe wont drive at 90mph.. N will strictly stick to the rules.. :D
hmmm so thats one down!!! life's becoming smoother.. n i guess i ve found out ways to control my frustrations n give vent to suppressed feelings..
We marked our half anniversary recently n it rained heavily hahaha lol!!!
i have thought of doing some volunteering job this summer in the library n hope it turns out to be fun...
i love my new Nike walking shoes n they r simply gr8!!!
n ppl all this excitement is making me crazy so i better stop spilling all beans here..
have a gr8 weekend(yes for me it starts on Thursday!! :D)


Keshi said...

Thats just AWESOME Diya! U just received ur keys to freedom :) Enjoy!


Mr. J said...


I didn't know you'd be scoring 100/100 :D Lol!!! Have a blast... and erm, maybe start preparing for F1?? ;)

Devil Mood said...

I know, it's such a relief to get the exam over with. Now you just need a little practice and you're a pro :)

Little Miss Muffet said...

congrats! i know how great it feels to be able to drive on ur own and not be dependent...have a good weekend :)

Maddy said...

congratulations - big step, now you are a properly licensed driver, eh?...

go easy on the gas pedal..u r getting your work visa, so why the voluntary work?

Radha said...

congratulations on all those little successes :))

diyadear said...

yup now im a free bird :)
Mr J,
yes u come here as promised n we'll race..
devil mood,
yeah.. now im not dependent anymor :)
miss muffet, have a driving weekend ;) hope u got wat i mean.. he he
voluntering work os only for the summer so i wil have a place i can drive to he he
thanks a lot.. u back after r Us trip???

Shruti said...

Hey thats great..
A time to celebrate ..

TAke care

Bob-kat said...

Congratulations! That is great news - so now you'll eb off whenever you feel like it! Freedom! :-)

Cris said...

Congratulations!!! Awesome! Now you can go shopping anywhere! My weekend started on Thursday too, it was a holiday here! So I was off visiting my parents. :-)

Lotus Reads said...

Congratulations, Diya, that is a remarkable score to get, I can completely understand you being ecstatic with joy! Nothing like being mobile, enjoy!

diyadear said...

hii sruthi,
tha ks for dropping by..
u tc too... :)
yes as keshi says it i just got my keys to freedom he he
cris, hope u had a nice weekend with ur parents..
lotus, yeah havent scored a 100 once i left kindergarden i suppose ;)

Hershey Desai said... have it..the drivers licence...the world is no longer safe...

kidding. The world was no longer safe the minute I got MINE...
you won't drive at 90mph? you will stick to the rules?
you are no fun.

the rain is good, it is gods showering happiness...rain can be naughty too... rules!

you need to lower your sugar

Hershey Desai said...

hey diya,
be a dear and explain to me in brief, what goes on here...

seems like a good place...

Keshi said...

And hey Diya be safe. Good luck!


Radha said...

When are you doing my tag???

diyadear said...

yup i love rains too.. abt buf will come to ur place n explain it to u ok..

yup gal.. u too..
yes i will do the tag in some .. days??;) he he

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