Thursday, June 14, 2007

parts of me

i come to u in n Bits n bytes
with parts painted in blacks n whites..
at one time i add a flab here n there
n sumtimes i tend to loose shedding a tear.

when i met a guy in school
some grey part bloomed up in me..
when i crushed the little crush
my heart just broke.. but with a hush..

nowone ever saw the tiny parts moving..
but it sure did for the change is now showing..
i tell u they move, they play games with me..
n if u care to notice i can show it to thee..

for him i did this for her i did that..
n suddenly i see that time didnt halt.
but now i take rest to turn back n see
colours too peek from behind the grey tree.

when i travelled from one city to another..
the smoke n dust climbed into me sumhow or the other..
but also did the many good things..
like the music, the food n a passion for kings..
loved history i did.. but physics flew above my head..
chemistry was always a mystery.
but maths i cud do lying on my bed..

this thing n that kept adding up
n at times the clouds of sorrow kept looming up..
but after a certain threshold i lost the childhood dream..
strong, determined n matured was all that remained it seems..

but even today i feel a child playing in me..
the old games of hide-n-seek may be she plays with me..
many a friends i made on my way..
treasure them i will more than gems anyday..
but some few ones i have lost..right in front of my eyes the friendship gets killed..
n my heart aches to know where i went wrong..But the doors r now forever sealed..

there were people whom i care for just not so well..
but if they were friends i miss them like hell..
when the grey is too thick it drives me crazy..
just tell me the reason for this to go frizzy...

one part is straight another is not.
some ve cooled down while anothers still hot..
some r still weeping but others r bare,
N reading all together is a riddle so rare..
but one thing i tell u, its all i have got..
N each one together are like forget me nots..

But now i know that spring is here..
n i will not let be held back in fear..
another new chapter will begin this year
n spring it will be forever my dear..


Reshmi said...


Back to your blog after quite sometyime now...And just going thru ur pennings...

I should say this poem is a wonderful piece..Touched a few chords somewhere within..And a special care taken of the rhyme!

Take care and have fun.


priya said...

So natural and damn true..

diyadear said...

hey reshmi,
thanks for dropping by.. Thanku dear.. yeah it did come from eithin n was written in one flow.. guess some poet ghost was visiting me ;)
thanks ma'm..yes each word is true to the bottom of my heart..

Nanditha Prabhu said...

liked your poem...
thanks for visiting.....and leaving your valuable comments..

Smita said...

Great piece - with time all of us get so fragmented - each part a different experience, some embittered, some content.

Hershey Desai said...

you seriously need to lower your post limit on the front page....
its taking ages to load... especially with the pics you have kept everywhere...

diyadear said...

thanks nanditha..
glad u liked it :)
hey harsh,
aapke commenst sarankhon par,.. have cut down on no of posts :)

Naveen said...

nice poem ....may the spring last forever .....

Radha said...

How sweet!

Ps said...

Hey--a really nice one and well expressed,moving sentiments.

diyadear said...

thanks for visiting n the well wishes :)
radha.. :)))
ya it just came out all in one shot... i myself was a bit surprised!! he he

Keshi said...

aww beautiful Diya!


Lotus Reads said...

Hey, Diya

You are multi-talented, I didn't know you wrote poetry too? Wonderfully done, thank you so much for sharing!

MeMyself_n_I said...

adorable poem. very nice n summery and cheerful. :-)

sweta prabhu said...

oh my god
i dint know that i had a poet at home all these years.. u rock didi.. u are awesome.. i loved it.

diyadear said...

thank u:))
jack of all trade, master of none.. sadly thats wat i am!!
i wasnt actually in a cherful mood when i started penningn this.. but i thoight i had to end it on a cheerful note.. so here it is..:)
now wat do i say to u.. he he

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