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Happy boys and Happy girls!!

Once upon a time a little girl with 2 little ponies on both sides built a castle by the sea shore.. she decorated her castle using sea shells and stones.. her younger sibling watched with awe how her sister was building up a pretty castle.. it was a perfect evening, the sun painting the sky crimson red with its rays.. The sea gulls flying across the horizon.

The kids waited to watch the sun drown into the sea..That usually marked their evening off at the beach.After tat they walked away holding the hands of their mom and dad. A happy sight, a happy family..

But wonder y.. the happiness never stays.. it always gets washed away like the castle on the beach..or may be its like the occasional rainbow which comes all of a sudden with the rains n then disappears without a trace.. however hard we try we cannot create a rainbow thru the sky we cannot..may be u can paint ur imagination with the 7 elegant colors of the rainbow.. I feel the same is with happiness.. u can only make urself believe u…

the parade

The independence day celebrations in Dallas was too gud.. The event took place at lone star park,grand prairie(in pic) and the first few minutes of being there was pure ecstasy.. So many fellow Indians, clad in colourful costumes and speaking the familiar languages..
All the many stalls selling kurtis, chaat, and masala dosas.. woohoo.. for i moment it felt i was in India.. Never expected so many Indians there.. Sure, Dallas has the most number of Indians in US.. But witnessing it was truly a pleasure... but after a while i cud hear the Hindi music coming from the stage, which was not up to the mark.. The singers weren't very lively and so the crowd wasn't with them..
But soon the parade started and we marched off in that direction.. i have made a few friends here so we all were there as one big gang.. we kept hogging and the food kept all of us so busy the entire evening :) I had chikkukulfi after such a long time.. it brought back memories of the days when me n cousins used t…

Bluff Master

The weekend was rocking with a late night DJ party, a bhajan mandali and an excellent card game of bluff. Those of you who do not know how to play it may find it a bit difficult to relate to my experience. but its easy to follow if u read thru the link..
We started this game with about 9-10 players.. All young, enthusiastic, bubbly and on the look out to catch each others bluff.. It was a hard time for the person whose turn it was to play, for he would be coaxed by all others to "call" the bluff of the previous player.. Now let me briefly tell u how it works.. In this game each player has equal number of cards and the person who gets to play can bluff about his cards.. (the cards are kept inverted) N if caught by the next person all the cards come to him n if the bluff call was false the person who called, has to take all the cards. N the winner is the person who finishes off all his/her cards.
My husband was playing it for the first time n he had a tough time deciding whthe…

I believe

Thanks for all ur comments on my previous post.. As they say time is the best healer.. the biggest of wounds are forgotten with time.. had read somewhere that if a woman cud remember how painful it was to have a child she wouldn't venture for it the next time.. :)
So yes as u all said.. that's life.. recently before i wrote my prev post i had written a post on life being the best gift. take a look at it here.
So, guess i let go of all the fears, anxiety n move on taking one day, one hr, one moment at a time.. And i am sure u all agree that at times the going gets tough.. and u need to give vent to ur feelings.. but now I'm composed.. thanks to all u wonderful people out there..
My RJ thingy has sprung up again.. they called me n asked if i cud do an Ad..i was all yes yes yes n so off i went driving 20 miles ;) N its the first time i was driving alone on freeways.. so it was exciting... N now my voice is getting broadcast over Dallas for 2 ads. one for an Indian grocery stor…

puppet show

Yesterday i removed all the pictures i had put into orkut a socialising site from my profile and was subject to questions from many. one of my friend's asked me if i was scared about all the talks on photos being misused from the net. i said no, i wasn't scared of anyone or anything but God. I am really scared wat god has in store for us.. It is like a huge puppet show..
we can be hurt, sad, happy or wat not,but the show must go on.. the world just moves on..suddenly the puppet whom u were dancing beside is no more there.. The one who was holding ur hands has rage in his eyes for u.. You are such a dumb head.. don't even know wats going on.. but still u dance, sing and move on..
I keep thinking of the day when the curtain will fall and i will meet the big director.. wouldn't i have many questions to ask him.. oh yes i will.. but i only hope i wont be muted once i step out of the big dias..
extremist ideas are a pain to my brain.. one moment i feel god is a sadist but the…