Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The girl child

She is the apple of my eye the love of my life

chattering away like a parrot, the gleam of every eye..

The house feels all empty and barren like a desert

when she is not around to squeal in pure jeer..

She has all the freedom to pull even grandpas hair

The granny promises that the golden rose she will get to wear..

She is like a little princess till the time has flown

Once she finishes school she knows the terrible adult pain

when everyone around her just wants her married and off

she starts doubting that was this true love at all?

She feels like a guinea pig who was adorned for the D day

When she has to be showcased in front of anyone they say

After the bitterness settles she  knows this is the true world

with tears and dreams crushed inside she agrees to tie the knot

Ambition, dreams and wings all come perishing down..

why do u love the girl child if you dont make her ur own?? 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

From Ooty to Masinagudi

Ten years back on a cold December night I cuddled with V at Holiday Inn Ooty. That was our honeymoon trip.  After a decade, ooty is not as welcoming as it was. Blame it on the travel boom  in India - every long weekend the highways are over crowded and everybody is celebrating the social media limelight of going on vacations  :)

But thank fully our primary abode - or today's home as my little one called it was not in Ooty but a resort in Masinagudi - a small hill side foggy town  with breathtaking view.

The hot spicy indian buffet dinnet in the cold misty night was really sumptous.. The chicken was tender and juicy and really well cooked and tasty. I savored it in leisure brushing aside my guilt of eating it when trying to be almost vegetarian.. ;)

The road to the resort though is very rickety and can make sure you have a huge appetite for their yummy food when you reach. The morning view is breathtaking too..

Walking across the green mountains with the birds chirping and the chilly winds kissing your face .. it surely is a well deserved break for all city dwellers. There were many large groups dancing to the tunes of "Jimki kammal " and playing musical chair around the camp fire or in front of their pretty cottages.

I remembered the last time we had gone in a large group.Our whole extended family was in Bangalore for my sisters engagement and  we all had gone to the bennarghatta zoo. I'll leave the details for some other time.

Coming back to our Masinagudi trip, it did include a wild life safari in Bandipur forest. Kids enjoyed seeing lots and lots of deer and monkeys. My younger one loves elephants a lot and was too excited to see a baby elephant roaming around with her mom. And of course she had to be named Bandila after the forest she was born in. We also saw many of the kapish monkeys eating peanuts, fruits and what not. CutieA also loved seeing a peacock perched on top of a gate while master V was more interested in the big black bear couple and kept peeking to spot a tiger or leopard.

And finally as is the case with all good things, the vacation ends and we come back to our usual routine back home. I miss the school times when we used to go on summer vacation for 3 months and by the end of it would yearn to come back home. But sigh. guess those are the real luxuries of our times now. You can afford vacations on jet planes or a yacht but lazing around in the mangroves and aiming for guavas for 3 whole months.. I wonder if anybody does that now.. Do drop a comment if you think it is still happening somewhere and i would love to take my kids there.

Monday, November 6, 2017

The phoenix rising..

Its the year 2017..

Things have changed so much.. Who knew Facebook would be the best business marketing platform when i started this blog?

There is watsapp instagram, snapchat, twitter, quora and such a hula boo of apps and software. All my blogger friends from 2006-2007 are going places. I feel like deep shit.. remorse of having fled away to gaga land, living in a cocoon, i felt so alive when i connect , with others fellow bloggers, anyone who has a wavelength to match ..siggh.. well better late than never.  So i hope my blog will stay alive this time around.. wish me luck people!!

yours truely --D

Monday, February 29, 2016

Princess september

After a long time say 4 or 5 years i visited my bog and i say it does feel nice to read how things were then. There is kind of a chilling and calm feeling in your heart when you read - nostalgia.  It made me so happy i penned down these posts.

After a gap of about 5 years - I pen down again this time not as a single women, not as a wife  but as a mother not of only little V but as a mother of two :)
God granted my wish for a beautiful daughter and our princess september is here

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Life is not fair, but its good

Publishing one of my posts from the draft folder (from 2011)

A new home, a good job, a chance to be working at home with your cuddly baby!

Well everything sure looks great..

But as the caption goes life is not fair, but its good..

Each day is a fight, an adventure towards fulfilling your goal, your dream to lead a good life..

There are people who for no reason cause trouble for you.

Who for reaons like pure jealousy or ego want to do bad to you.

You have no choice but to ignore them. And to strive forward in your pursuit for happiness.

The faith in god and the optimism keeps one going..

Its hard not to think of the past, hardest for me to stop wondering what and where it all went wrong.. but let go i have to of all the bad things that are past..

Life catches up with everyone as they grow..

I treasure my friends from the past as they fill me with happy memories..

It was great catching up with 2 of my school friends..

With old friends you dont have to pretend, you dont have to watch before you talk.

You can be your own sweet self and become the school kids that you once were..

This festive season when there are colours and sounds of merriment all around, the innocent squeals of my little one brings a curve around my mouth..

Monday, September 5, 2011

GOA again

So off we went to goa again to relive the happy days from last year..
But Sadly for us this time guess all the families/bachelors in india thought of getting happy in Goa and ended up right next to our resort by the calangute beach..
But we are clever now arent we...
We took an off on tuesday and had started only on saturday (For once i was thankful that hubby dear has to work now on saturdays too ;))

Kidddo loved the sleeper volvo and from the time we have climbed on two of those huge things, wheels on the bus rhyme has reinforced its grasp on little V.
He was heard singing this particular song even in his sleep last week.
Not only that he has also mastered more than one tune for his favourite nursery rhyme.
So relaxing vacations really do take the stress out of your mind..
Though the tantrums and unreasonable demands from my 2.5 yr old do hype me up sometimes, but on the whole i feel at peace now :)

Now that Goa magic has been consumed to its fullest ,need to seek a better vacation spot may be??
How about maldives guys?? what say?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Random Thoughts

I just came here to pen down some thoughts -

1. People of my wavelength are mostly un glamorously and dont have a very good reputataion in the society ;)

2. I try hard to believe the story that we will be one happy family if we relocate elsewhere, abroad may be.

3. US of course has the happiest memories after marriage even though we did face the most traumatising moments also there.

4.Bipolar disorder is not curable. And i like hallucinating..

5.However highly people recomment me to IBM, i still have glimpses of the gate crashing scene for interview embeded as the emblem of IBM and im not coming back tehre unless u pay me like in 8 digits may be??

6.June /July is a nice time to romance and go around.. unless of course u do not have the entire bandwagon to carry with you.

7.GOA is another place with happy memories and i need to go back there for a longer duration.

8.Its a pity most of my guy friends end up having a crush on me.. I hate losing out on good friends and it becomes awkware later on.

9.I had a day dream that one of my close friends who died few years back gave me a call from someplace.. And he keeps calling me.. Spooky isnt it..

10. Im happy i am writing this post without thinking about what to write and which relative of mine may read this.. I dont give a F&&&.

The girl child

She is the apple of my eye the love of my life chattering away like a parrot, the gleam of every eye.. The house feels all empty and bar...